Reviews, Pictures and Rewards

Reviews, product reviews, service reviews;  We all want to read them, we make our decisions based on them.  Sometimes we won’t even buy a product until we’ve found a review on it.

And this is the problem.  A problem for us at least and more than likely every other company.  Hardly anyone writes them!  The ratio is staggeringly low when there is a good experience, if it’s a bad experience, surprisingly it’s less!

We’d like to reward you for taking the time to write a review on our service or product in the hope we can increase the ratio.

After you have bought a product and we have delivered it we give you a couple of weeks to enjoy it and we then send you a Review Request via email.

As a thank you for your time in writing one we will send you this three piece LED Light set.

We send you this Tuin LED Torch Keyring as a thank you when you write a review on products you have bought.

We send you this Tuin LED Torch Keyring as a thank you when you write a review on products you have bought.


We also offer a free gift in return for picture sets of our products and at the moment we have an item that’s very different to our usual gifts, a wood covered power bank!

Finished off with an engraving of our Tuin UK logo, help spread the word of Tuin while staying charged, with an estimated battery life of two hours with constant charge.

Engraved Bamboo Power Bank

Sleek in design, the power bank is suitable for charging mobiles and small devices

The power bank features two output USB ports to ensure that your devices never run out of battery. The LED Light indicators towards the base of the bank show the remaining battery charge within the bank. We also sell these currently at £31.19

It features:

  • Wooden casing, with the Tuin UK logo engraved.
  • 2 x 5V1A USB ports – Suitable for mobile phones and small devices.
  • Micro USB input port for charging the power bank.
  • 5 LED light indicators to show the remaining battery capacity.
  • On/Off button at the top of the power bank.
  • Battery type- 5000 mAh Li-Ion.
Engraved Bamboo Power Bank

Each LED light represents 25% of battery capacity – The 5000mAh battery allows you to charge your phone more than once!

Walkthrough Videos

Some customers kindly send us walk through videos. Examples of them can be found on various product pages.

Here’s a collection here: Customer Walk Through videos Please see these examples. If you fancy sending us a video of your product like these that we ask to use we will refund you £50 as a thank you via Bacs or cheque.

£50 for a video walkthrough of your product – not a bad deal for a few minutes of video?

This is a very limited offer and can be withdrawn at any time.