The Cutest Log Cabin

If there was a competition, a competition for the cutest of buildings. We could name it the ‘Cutest Garden Building Competition’.

All right maybe our submission wouldn’t win the whole competition but what about the ‘Cutest Log Cabin’ section.  I think we’d be in with a fighting chance with this little cutie cabin:

Our Submission for the cutest Log Cabin competition is …….

The Petit Log Cabin

The Petit Log Cabin

You’ve got to agree it is a cutie, nestled in the corner of a garden.  It measures only 2.0 x 2.0m and is made from 28mm thick wall logs.

We launched this little log cabin only a short while ago and customers are loving it, in fact not only is the cutest it’s also the smallest log cabin available and perfect for smaller gardens.

If you’re looking for a small and cute log cabin this has got to be for you.

Where do we collect our prize that we’ve surely won?