It’s that time of year … Carports

Yup, it’s that time of year.  A cold, chilly frosty morning.  Ice on the ground, snow in the clouds and promised for later.  Not really a problem at the weekend when there’s time to actually enjoy the winter.

But, a Monday morning, rushing around trying to get the kids packed off to school.  You’re running late, flustered and hassled.  Making your way outside, wrapping up against the cold your silently swear to yourself as you turn and head back in doors for the kettle, a scraper, de-icer;  Yup your cars covered in a heavy frost, or worse, those snow clouds have opened up and dropped it’s contents rather carelessly across your car and of course the surrounding ground.

It’s something we all face, every year, and, every year I promise myself it’s not going to happen again.  This year will be no exception, I really must get my order in.  What for you ask?  Well a simple product, one that’s very popular at this time of year and here it is ……

Apex roof carport

Or maybe this one:

Double carport

Either will do me!  Just imagine walking out to your car, no ice, no snow …. fabulous, straight in, warm it up and off you go with no hassles.  This year I might just do it and order myself one.  Our Carports are very flexible, very easy to install and great value for money in either apex or flat roof versions.  We know they’re easy from customer feed back, of course I’m yet to try …. but I will.

Trouble is though my drive is a little on the non standard size, I’ve either got to chop down some trees or waste room and I really want it to cover the whole width.  You’re probably the same, nothings simple is it?

Just as well there’s a cunning plan, and some savings to be made with the offers running at the moment. 


The perfect solution to making your winter a little easier.  Yup this year I’ll be ordering one 🙂