Muffins Complaint

I was on the road yesterday and in meetings and I received a phone call from the office telling me muffins had arrived, they sent me this picture:

A box of Muffins was on my desk!

A box of Muffins was on my desk!

This wasn’t something I was expecting but someone remembered a customer asking the day before our address and asking if I worked at the main office.

I was then sent this photo a short while later.

Muffin Eaten!

Muffin Eaten!

AND then this one !

Muffins gone bar two

Muffins gone ….. bar two

And this was the scene of my desk this morning, at least they had saved me two 🙂

It turns out this was from a customer who was pleased with us. Not because he was happy with the product but quite the opposite. He had sent in a complaint a few days earlier which I looked after and resolved as quickly and as best as I could. This box of muffins was his thank you and I’m really chuffed.

Mr S, if you read this thank you so much. If anyone else fancies sending us muffins please only address them to me as the greedy buggers in the office ate them all. Jos reported she ate four! Thankfully they did save me two which I enjoyed with my tea this morning and I probably didn’t need anymore, they are though thoroughly recommended!

Thank you Mr S.

The product the complaint was about was the Drenthe Shed:

Drenthe storage shed

Drenthe storage shed

Mr S was correct, there was some quality issues and also some damage caused by the carrier. It is impossible for us to get everything right all of the time but we do try damn hard and when things go wrong we try even harder to make them right again quickly.

I’ll apologise now ……. we do cock up, so do our carriers, and also our hauliers but we try very, very hard to give the best service we can and to resolve a problem quickly to everyones mutual satisfaction.

So, any muffins in appreciation of resolving problems quickly, now Mr S has set the precedence, please send them my way. BUT please make sure I’m in the office when they are delivered 🙂