Do you have need for a little extra storage?  Maybe somewhere to get away from the kids, a man shed is an essential arsenal for a happy life as I know only too well.

Of course you don’t want any old rubbish.  The sheds on the market today are terrible unless you want to pay for a good one.  If you did want a top quality one, a shed with thick cladding, good framing, is going to cost.  I spotted one this morning in a very similar style to this little Jesper log cabin.  A comparable size of 8’x10′ in 12mm cladding was over £2000!

Jesper Log Cabin

A perfect alternative to a garden shed. Stronger, thicker and cheaper

This little log cabin measure 2.5m wide x 3.0m deep.  It’s roughly 8’x10′ which is a perfect size for a man shed.  It’s stronger, thicker and cheaper and will last forever if treated properly.  The great benefit with this little cabin is that they also come apart easily should you wish to move it.

Manufactured from 28mm interlocking wall logs, an opening window and a half glazed door.  If you’re considering a new shed, consider this little Jesper Log Cabin.



Petit Corner Log Cabin

This lovely little cabin is on special promotion again to start 2013.  We’ve found these to be extremely popular.  A perfect log cabin that suits the smaller garden, it nestles in a corner location perfectly.  We have this log cabin on a special price coupled it with a FREE felt tile offer.  Can you really afford to miss this offer?

The Petit log cabin is constructed from 28mm wall logs and like all our cabins it has NO finger jointing in any wall log.  Very, very easy to construct and shouldn’t take any longer than a day with two men.  If you would like any further details please contact us.

The Petit Log Cabin

The Petit Log cabin, Ideal for the smaller Garden and a corner spot.







This building is now discontinued

Another of our ‘special’ log cabins has been added.  These are products we are developing for entry into the coming catalogue.  This log cabin is called the Sverre, a Norwegian name and relates to where a great deal of our timber comes from.

As with all our log cabins this is of the highest quality, NO finger joints in the wall logs, proper tongue and grooved boards are used in the roof of 16 – 18mm thickness.  The wall logs with this log cabin are 28mm thick.

The Sverre has been added at an introductory price and is severely reduced from what it’s normal price is.  Now really is the time to grab a bargain as all our sale and offers will cease soon.


The Cutest Log Cabin

If there was a competition, a competition for the cutest of buildings. We could name it the ‘Cutest Garden Building Competition’.

All right maybe our submission wouldn’t win the whole competition but what about the ‘Cutest Log Cabin’ section.  I think we’d be in with a fighting chance with this little cutie cabin:

Our Submission for the cutest Log Cabin competition is …….

The Petit Log Cabin

The Petit Log Cabin

You’ve got to agree it is a cutie, nestled in the corner of a garden.  It measures only 2.0 x 2.0m and is made from 28mm thick wall logs.

We launched this little log cabin only a short while ago and customers are loving it, in fact not only is the cutest it’s also the smallest log cabin available and perfect for smaller gardens.

If you’re looking for a small and cute log cabin this has got to be for you.

Where do we collect our prize that we’ve surely won?



Finger Joints, Viewed  by some as unsightly and a sign of a cheap log cabin… A fair assumption but in truth not always accurate.

Finger jointing is a technique used by many log cabin manufacturers to re-use short lengths of timber / wall logs. The real benefit from using such a system is that there’s then less wastage so the impact on the environment is reduced.. and of course helping to reduce the overall cost of the building.

However some suppliers will take this too far and you can find log cabins in the UK with joints in wall logs at every 30cm or so, and in addition you will find some cabins even have a mixture of timber used which looks incredibly unsightly.

We do our best to be as economical with our log cuts as possible so the FJ are not even needed, However some of our cabins will feature them but the percentage is kept as low as possible, we will never use a mixture of species… Always Spruce.

If you’re considering buying a log cabin, always ask your supplier about finger joints and if they are used, then, more importantly, what percentage of joints are there within the wall log.

Please Note: Doors and windows are different, we do actually favour these type of joints in doors and windows and they are known as laminating, within a door or window these help to stop bowing of the frame of the door or window as the wood is not one continuous piece.

Finger joints in Log CabinsLog Cabins from Tuin

Daniel …..

This cute little chap is a delight for any garden, snuggly fitting in the corner this little log cabin with his pyramid roof topped off with a shiny gold ball on top looks gorgeous on a sunny day … well any day really when painted … or not.

A little more about him, apart from his stunning log cabin type looks.  He’s not too thick at 28mm logs.  He’s not too tall at 2.98m.  Just the right size foot print as well at 2.6m.

All in all a smashing chap in a log cabin type of way.  Invite him into your garden today and as a special welcoming present for him we’ve got on offer FREE black roofing tiles for him as well.

Daniel Log Cabin

Daniel Log Cabin