Summer House Interior Ideas

Getting ready to spend more time in the garden this summer? A Summerhouse is the ideal addition to any garden. Summer houses are perfect for having a drink with your friends and family, or for when you want to work on your hobbies and interests.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a summer house or already own one and wanting to spruce up the decor this year, in this post we’ve gathers ideas and inspiration to personalise your summer house, including examples and trends from our own customers.

Vintage Chic

The classic interior theme, vintage chic or shabby chic will always be within style. Perfect for complementing country gardens or if you’re a cottagecore fan, decorate your summer house with soft pastel colours to achieve this timeless look.
For furnishing, have some fun with layering and texture to avoid your furniture to look flat with some knitted or lace fabrics.
Don’t forget to include some colour to complete the look, either with classic floral artworks or antique items. Vintage Chic is a trend that encourages recycling- Use older furniture or try upcycling to save both money and achieve the rustic look.

Garden Pubs

One of the most popular trends amongst our customers, using your garden building as a garden pub is a great way to entertain friends and family for any occasion. Recycle any spare timber around the garden or from your summer house delivery to create your own bar table, or consider a two piece Bar Table and Cabinet for plenty of space to stock up.
Either continue with a traditional pub theme, or use LED light strips for a fun modern vibe. Just ensure you have comfortable seating ready for the warmer evenings.

Teenage Den

Every teenager dreams of their own space to relax and hide away in, create a stylish and comfortable space for both your teen and their friends, providing a safe space for everyone and keeping some noise out of the house.
Involve your teen with the decorating process to match their aesthetics, but make sure to include a comfortable sofa for everyone to lounge on.

A pop of colour

Going for a more minimal approach? Paint the interior of your summerhouse a shade of white or cream and introduce your favourite colour with a feature wall and soft furnishings for a sleek and modern interior.
Complete the look with some shelving, art prints and plants to create a stylish summer house for a change in work environment, or a place to focus on your hobbies.

Artists Retreat

Take advantage of the natural lighting inside your summerhouse to hone your craft in. Let the whole cabin become your canvas and custom paint the exterior with florals to tie it into the garden, or stick to a natural interior to bring the focus to your artwork displayed on the walls.
Make sure to include a large desk and storage space so you can keep any supplies you need on hand, a comfortable chair is also a necessity to improve focus while working on your projects.

Vintage Glamour

Use a mix of rich and dark colour palettes with golden accents to create a luxury garden escape, perfect for lovers of art deco design as well as impressing any guest that visits.
Vintage glamour decor often has a darker base colour: navy blue, emerald green and burgundy are often used on the walls and main furnishings for this style. Add contrast with gold accessories and mustard yellow pillows and blankets to brighten up the room.

Modern and contemporary

Use a combination of black and white elements to create a sleek and modern design. Ideal as an extension for any modern build – Let your combination of decorations and artwork to add some colour in this classic design.
With many customers opting to paint the interior walls white, they’re able to create depth with a mixture of black and grey furnishings from seating to rugs.

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