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Looking for a cheaper cabin? Currently, we have some cabins in our Rummage Sale. These cabins do have some defects and cannot be sold as new- Most are damp and dirty. But please read descriptions and look at the detailed images for each cabin listed.

Updated on the 20th October 2021

We have a vast array of fencing, Gates and trellises in a range of wood types and styles as well as more substantial items such as log cabins and a Aluminium garden verandas

Below we have highlighted a few examples on offer.


Black Painted Garden Gate Rummage

Pre-Painted Security Gate

One of the gates on offer is or pre-painted black security gate, 195 x 90cm supplied with a lock and spigot hinges

Log Cabin Lean To

Log Cabin Lean To Rummage

1.5 x 1.75m Log Cabin Lean To

A handy lean to porch for your log cabin, ideal for keeping your bicycle dry or even drying logs for your wood burner. The width is 1.50m with a depth 1.75m.


Voldemort Stilt Playhouse Rummage

Voldemort Playhouse

The Voldemort playhouse standing on a stilt base, it measures 120 x 240cm and is made from 16mm impregnated pine.


Sadie Log Cabin RUMMAGE

Sadie Log Cabin

The 40mm double glazed Sadie Log Cabin, measuring at 5m x 3m this cabin has been designed with UK gardens in mind. With a stylish pent roof, this Log Cabin is also under 2.5m in height

Please note this cabin has been listed with some weather damage.


Aluminium Glass Veranda 2.5 x 10 m

2.5m Deep x 10m wide Aluminium Veranda

A top quality, German designed Aluminium veranda with 8mm glass roofing, this veranda is powder coated for longevity and is supplied in a single size here of 2.5m Deep x 10m in width

Available much quicker and at a reduced price due to an over stocking

Due to the extra low prices these cabins, Structures and garden accessories  are going fast, buy now to secure your Rummage Buildings and Gazebos.

These are just a few of the items available, the full range can be found in our Rummage Sale. Only one available for each building and gazebo, unless specified otherwise.

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