Rummage Sale

Looking for a cheaper cabin? Currently, we have some cabins in our Rummage Sale. These cabins do have some defects and cannot be sold as new- Most are damp and dirty. But please read descriptions and look at the detailed images for each cabin listed.

These log cabins are listed at 20% lower than their offer price, a great deal for your next garden project. Here’s some notable listings in our Rummage Sale:

Ever Log Cabin Carport

Ever Log Cabin Carport Rummage

A very substantial and convenient carport. the Log Cabin Carport Ever. Made using 45mm wall logs and double glazing and featuring an integral storage shed.

This cabin has been listed as wet, mouldy and dirty with slight damage to some logs. Buy the Rummage Ever Log Cabin Carport for £2,943.19

Corfu Larch Gazebo

Corfu Larch Gazebo Rummage

The Corfu Larch Gazebo measuring 3.4 x 5.9m. Perfect for entertaining and being covered from the british weather. Desirable for its rich larch colouring.

This Gazebo has been listed as dirty, mouldy with a large number of weathered parts. Some parts also have some small damage.

Buy the Rummage Corfu Gazebo for £1,673.35

Viveka Log Cabin

Viveka Log Cabin Rummage

The Viveka Double Glazed log cabin in 45mm wall logs, it measures 5.0 x 5.0m with a double half glazed door offset and a opening window set to the side.

This cabin has been listed as wet, mouldy and dirty with a small number of weathered logs. Buy the Rummage Viveka Log Cabin for £4,140.44

These are just a few cabins available in our Rummage Sale. Only one available for each building and gazebo, unless specified otherwise.

Due to the extra low prices these cabins are going fast, buy now to secure your Rummage Buildings and Gazebos.

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