Promotional Pine Offer Cabins


Only while they last, a select range of log cabins which have been made from slow grown Pine

All Available with FREE roofing shingles and the FREE option to have the building immersed ( recommended ) which will extend the lead time while the process takes place.

Pine vs Spruce?

If you have spent some time on our site already you may have seen that we talk a lot about the differences between Pine and Spruce, in short we explain that out of the two, spruce is the better one to use. This fact has not changed which is why our standard range is all and only Spruce.

Why are we offering cabins made from Pine?

During the madness of the last two years we have been through alot in the timber market, demand exploded and so eventually did the cost, and then of course a shortage. Our log cabins are normally made from slow grown Spruce but when stock started to run out our factories had to look at another means of keeping up with the demand and needs of our customers.

A small range of Pine log cabins were then produced to help ease the tension on spruce, all cabins included in this range are copies of Spruce versions that we already offer, the only difference being the species of timber used.

These buildings are now going to be offered at a reduced price which makes sense right, but is it a risk buying a Pine log cabin?

Pine being used in the garden construction industry is nothing new by any means.. Sheds, Gazebos, Bin stores and alot of other typical garden structures are normally made from treated Pine.

What’s the problem with a pine log cabin?

  • Pine is less dense and absorbs more water than Spruce so make sure you Treat it very well to avoid excessive expansion and contraction of your wall logs.
  • Pine is redder than Spruce and not as attractive inside your log cabin (Opinion) .. Treating the inside in a nice finish is of course an option.
  • Knots are looser in pine, there are generally more of them and they are more likely to fall out so before you apply your treatment I would recommend ‘knotting’ the logs first before you treat them.

What’s on offer?

Below are the building that we have available at reduced costs made from Pine.

Wells Log Cabin

Wells Log Cabin 3 x 3m

York Log Cabin

York Log Cabin 4 x 3m

Preston Log Cabin

Preston Log Cabin 4.4 x 3.4m

Lincoln Log Cabin

Lincoln Log Cabin 5.4 x 5.4m


  • We are offering these buildings at reduced costs with a FREE treatment option to help make up for the loss of them being made from Pine.
  • If you like the cabin but are not sure on Pine, no problem as we have the original Spruce version to offer
  • If you go ahead with a Pine log cabin, make sure its treated well with a decent product
  • Only while stock lasts

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