Log Cabin Treatment – Again

I had an interesting question today – “Why don’t you treat a log cabin before delivery as standard like they do with a shed?”

I’ve answered most questions I think in this blog. So far we’ve had:

  1. Depth of Treatment and moisture content in log cabins.
  2. When to treat your log cabin.
  3. Basic terms and what to use for treatment on your log cabin advice.
  4. Cracks and splits in timber we use outside.

But, yes I haven’t yet answered this one, and the simple answer is ‘cos they’re tricky blighters and are not a shed.

A shed is easy, first we make a frame on a bench, pop some cladding on it 12mm thick, nail it on with a nail gun to create a panel. With all the nails in it it’s not going to go anywhere. We can then chuck it in a dip tank for a few minutes or if we’re a posh factory a spray booth and we’ve got a treated shed. Easy! We know as well that nothing is going to happen to it as it’s all really well held together.

A log cabin is slightly more tricky. It doesn’t have a frame, every single log interlocks into each other and we want those connections to be tight and remain tight over the years (Corner connections in log cabins). To do this we kiln dry the timber to a moisture content level commensurate with the country the cabin will be in, generally to around 14% for the UK. We then mill the logs in highly accurate computer controlled machines and out pops a log cabin.

If we then start mucking about with it the logs can all absorb moisture at different levels, this then affects the milling and subsequently the installation as it has been made so precisely. Plus, you spend a lot of money on us providing you beautiful Spruce (Types of timber in log cabins) do you really want someone else to muck about with this? Isn’t it better to treat it how you want to?

We do though offer some treatment options:

You will notice how long the lead time is, this is because we want to make sure everything is properly dried and remains stable for an easy install.

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