Log Cabin Bargain Time of Year

These offers have finished 🙁

It’s that time of year and if you’re after a bargain the next few months is the time to buy your log cabin.  Everything has a season and ours is drawing to a close.  The nights are drawing in, Autumn followed by winter is not too far off, we may as well close shop until the Spring appears. But for you, if you’re canny and wiley, which perhaps you are now is a perfect time to find a log cabin, shed, garden building etc.  Now is the time of year for the garden industry that we start looking deeply at our stocks.  We don’t want to enter a quiet spell with full stock so we have to lose it.  Generally at near cost.  Bargain time for you! Take for instance the recent items we’ve added to our sales.  We have some pressure treated buildings still in stock that we really don’t want to carry so we’re offering them at hugely discounted prices. There’s only one of each, when they’re gone they will disappear and never be repeated. Here they are:

Heino pressure treated log cabin

Rome pressure treated log cabin

Pressure treated flat roof garage.

These really are a huge bargain.  If these log cabin suit your needs, please buy them quickly.  There’s only one of each!

There are several more than these shown, these are the highlights, have a wander though our log cabins category for many more substantial offers.

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