Larch Modular Buildings Gallery

Here are some examples of what can be accomplished using our Larch basic garden structure in either the apex or pent version. When other modules are added such as side, front and rear walls, or the extension piece any number of combinations can be made to create a gazebo, carport, garage, garden office or even a simple shed.

Further details can be found here: Larch Garden Buildings and Larch timber

1a_w[1] 1b_w[1] 1c_w[1] 1d[1] 1e_w[1] 1f_w[1] 1g_w[1] 1h_w[1] 1i_w[1] 2a_w[1] 2b_w[1] 2c_w[1] 2d_w[1] 2e[1] 2f_w[2] 2g_w[2] 2h_w[1] 2i_w[1] 3a_w[1] 3b_w[1] 3c_w[1] 3d_w[1] 3e_w[2] 3f_w[2] 3g_w[1] 3h[1] 3i_w[1] 4a_w[1] 4b_w[1] 4c_w[1] 4d_w[1] 4e[1] 4f_w[1] 4g_w[2] 4h_w[1] 4i_w[1] 5a_w[1] 5b_w[1] 5c_w[1] 5d_w[1] 5e_w[1] 5f_w[1] 5g_w[1] 5h_w[1] 5i[1] 6a_w[1] 6b_w[1] 6c_w[1] 6d_w[1] 6e_w[1] 6f_w[1] 6g_w[1] 6h[1] 6i_w[1]

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