Do you have need for a little extra storage?  Maybe somewhere to get away from the kids, a man shed is an essential arsenal for a happy life as I know only too well.

Of course you don’t want any old rubbish.  The sheds on the market today are terrible unless you want to pay for a good one.  If you did want a top quality one, a shed with thick cladding, good framing, is going to cost.  I spotted one this morning in a very similar style to this little Jesper log cabin.  A comparable size of 8’x10′ in 12mm cladding was over £2000!

Jesper Log Cabin

A perfect alternative to a garden shed. Stronger, thicker and cheaper

This little log cabin measure 2.5m wide x 3.0m deep.  It’s roughly 8’x10′ which is a perfect size for a man shed.  It’s stronger, thicker and cheaper and will last forever if treated properly.  The great benefit with this little cabin is that they also come apart easily should you wish to move it.

Manufactured from 28mm interlocking wall logs, an opening window and a half glazed door.  If you’re considering a new shed, consider this little Jesper Log Cabin.



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