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Miss M has written this post regarding her journey with the Jenny log cabin that she has bought, this may be of interest to you if you are considering the Jenny 40mm Log Cabin Miss M wrote:

I decided that I wanted to buy a cabin after getting a quote for an extension. It was well beyond my means so a cabin seemed a logical solution to accommodate extra space for growing teenagers. After searching around on the internet, and visiting high street outlets such as B & Q I decided to purchase a cabin from TUIN. Prior to purchase I had spoken to their customer services department and run through a couple of ideas that I had. For example, would it be suitable for my needs? What about installation? On the occasions that I called I was given some very sound advice which made me feel confident in my purchase. The team were incredibly knowledgeable about their products. I decided that I would buy the ‘Jenny’ log cabin. I wanted to maximise the space that I had, and this seemed perfect my needs. After placing my order with the team, and a few final questions I sat back and waited for delivery!!!

The delivery arrived on time, and was delivered by a very friendly haulier with a great forklift – it came beautifully packed.

Log cabin pallet delivered.

After having a double garage removed, this was the space that the cabin would occupy. Tucked in the corner on my old patio. 

The guys arrived to install the cabin! How exciting! They were incredibly courteous and  I kept them supplied in tea!

I was amazed at how quickly and neatly they worked and it was completed in a day – amazing!

Jenny log cabin roof purlins being fitted

A strong roof!

The fitting has been finished, all in one day!

And now my hard work begins!!!!  I managed to treat the sides of the cabin with a long handled roller – and talking very nicely to my neighbour to get round the back!!!

First coat of primer…….

My finished Jenny Log Cabin 🙂

Finished Jenny Log Cabin

Jenny log cabin floor

Jenny log cabin finished!

Thank you Miss M for taking the time to post this, it is always much appreciated by me and is very useful for other, we hope you enjoy the thank you present.

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