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On the Jenny Log Cabin product page, we give you all the details of the product including dimensions, technical installation tips and the best feature for said product.

But, on this page we let our previous customers voice their opinion on the Aiste Log Cabin and let them show you their thoughts, ideas and pictures! We may also have our team input why they desire that particular product too, so here goes..

Jenny Log Cabin

The 40mm double glazed Jenny Log Cabin.

This Garden Building made from 40mm thick Spruce timber and double glazed windows and doors makes the Jenny Log Cabin suitable for a UK Garden Summerhouse. The uses are almost endless with it’s dimensions of 4.5m x 3.5m, from gyms to garden pubs to craft rooms!


With an overall Jenny Product Review of five stars… We can just let our happy customers tell you as to why this Log Cabin is so great:

“I’m absolutely delighted with my Jenny double glazed log cabin and the after sales service and support from Tuin. The price was very competitive too!!” – Mr. Brian Mitchell

“Sitting in my new home office, i feel the need to write a quick review on this great company/ product. Product quality is amazing, we feel we adapted our log cabin in a great way to suit our needs and very happy with outcome” – Mr. Stuart Horwood 

“Hugely satisfied with our Log Cabin. Initially, I thought this was a flat pack from hell. But it transpired construction was simple – easy to sort out timbers following video and the paper instructions.” – Mr. Christopher Hague

“The cabin is extremely sturdy, a builder friend looked at it, and said he couldn’t have built this himself with raw materials at the cost so very good value for money. Would highly recommend the cabin and Tuin. 10/10” – Mr. Richard Cousins

We also have some detailed customer reviews for the Jenny Log Cabins, if you want a more visual and detailed opinion of the Cabin:


The installation process for the Jenny Log Cabin is a simple process, so long as you keep organised. You can find loads of information in order to be fully prepared for installing your Log Cabin on the Essential Installation Manual  as well as plenty of other Log Cabin Fitting Tips throughout the blog, from our expert (practically), Richard.

Here are one of our favourite set of installation images sent in from a customer:

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And when painted/treated.. It really becomes clear as to why the Jenny made it to the Log Cabin showcase:

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We have also been lucky to have been sent in a few videos of the Jenny Log Cabin, so you can get a more thorough view of it, just click on one to get started:

Customer Pictures:

If you would like to see more photo’s from customers please click on the picture below – Note: This will take you to our customers photo gallery hosted by Google Photos. Pictures may show older models or customer own modifications.

Jenny Log Cabin customer gallery hosted on Google Photos

Our team at Tuin also agrees.. We asked our Sales Director, Ben, to give his opinion on the Jenny- from both his personal and experience based opinions on why the Jenny Log Cabin is ideal for the UK market:

“I think the Jenny is a very well balanced cabin, Mainly because of the centered, decorative double doors with windows either side, The log thickness could be improved when compared to our 58-70mm logs.. However it is still very adequate for customers hoping to use it all year round.”

Very true Ben, if the Jenny is insulated well and paired with the double glazing, it’ll be ideal for all year around use!

As you can see, the Jenny truly is a durable and ideal Log Cabin for your garden. With a height of 2.39m, you should be able to install this Cabin without the need of planning permission (we always recommend to check this through with your local council though!)

Jenny Log Cabin

For more details such as precise measurements, pricing and a list of what will be included within the self build kit, please see the Jenny Log Cabin product page.

If the Jenny isn’t quite for you, why not take a look at the Aiste Log Cabin Showcase.

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