Working From Home in your log cabin

Introduction to Home Working

The recent and ongoing events caused by COVID 19 have affected people worldwide since late 2019  early 2020, this has caused so many issues including  the majority in business following the guidance from local health officials, facilitating all employees to be able to allow working from home to reduce the spread of the Virus.

It has been found that 60% of the UK’s adult population worked from home during the first coronavirus lockdown and 26% of Brits plan to continue to work from home permanently or occasionally after lock down.

 Due to this significant increase in statistics we believe that our log cabins could play a big part in helping our customers adapt to these changes. The cabins can provide a private working environment outside of your home which will help separate your work life from your home life.

Customer Examples of Home Working

Justine 5m x 2.5m  –

Justine Log cabin office

Many of our customers have already created perfect working spaces using a selection of our cabins.  We have seen so much creativity involved with this with customers not only turning the space into an office area but also home salons, workshops and even dog groomers.

Some of these customers have been kind enough to send us photos of their cabins to show exactly what can be done. As you will see from the photos the space can be very versatile.

Shannon Log Cabin Dog Grooming


Aiste Log Cabin used as a Salon

We have a wide range of cabins on our website to choose from, you just need to know what to look for so your cabin is equipped for all year round use.

The main features you need to think about when choosing a cabin for working from home would be the log thickness, Insulation, flooring and treatment. The size of the cabin is completely down to how much space you need and because we offer such a wide variety it is unlikely you will not find something that fits your requirements.

The 34mm Lukas log cabin used for home holiday lettings

Jackalyn log cabin beautician room

Log Cabin Features For Home Working

Log Thickness –

When using a cabin all year round you need to take into account the colder months. We would advise here that the cabins with a log thickness of 45mm and up would be more beneficial. 

The thick logs and insulation will definitely help in the winter times however you want to be comfortable when working therefore a small heater will work nicely. Please see the link below which can help advise you on this: 

Flooring – 

We offer flooring as an optional extra with our cabins, this means that if you wish you can source your own to suit your needs. 

We offer two sizes, 18mm or 26mm. Either one can be used however the 26mm is more heavy duty therefore is generally better for all year round use. This means its strong enough for any heavy desks or equipment.

Insulation – 

The insulation kits we offer on our website come with everything you will need for both the floor and the roof of your cabin. This is all pre calculated so you will receive enough insulation to cover both areas. You may just need to cut this to size when you are installing.

Please note that we do not recommend insulating the walls of your cabin as this can restrict the natural movement of the logs. Therefore it is best to stick with insulating the roof and the floor.

Please see to this page for more details:

Treatment –

The treatment used on the cabin is very important.

The timber as standard arrives completely untreated therefore using a good quality protectant will help extend the life of your cabin.

Please see this page for more information on treating your log cabin.

We recommend our own treatments:

As alternatives we also recommend the brands, Sikkens, Sadolin and Kingfisher, these can be sourced locally form stores such as Brewers.

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