Gazebo Timber Base and Decking Kits

Building a gazebo ontop of a Timber base is nothing new, we certainly didn’t come up with the idea.. Unfortunately. Have you considered a Gazebo Timber Base Kit for your project?

That’s not going to stop us showing off some great examples of what our customer have achieved when combining a Timber Gazebo that they have purchased from us as well as using their own ingenuity to create something really special for it to sit over.

We’re a big fan of timber bases here at TUIN, we promote their use for our log cabins all the time while speaking to customers. We also go into some detail here with in our Timber base for log cabins support page.

Tuin Base/Decking Kits

As timber platforms for gazebos start to grow in popularity we are now also looking to offer basic timber base kits with our range of wooden gazebos. This is to make it as easy as possible for our customers to get everything they need from one place.

We have calculated the Gazebo Timber Base Kit making use of our own range of garden timber and the sizes they come in. As such in most cases there will be some cutting on site to configure the base to be exactly how you want it.

The handy benefit of course with timbers arriving oversized is that you then have some flexibly on the day as to how big or small you actually want the base to be.

Timber Deck Kit Examples:

Let me show you what we mean by that.

In this first image you will see the timber deck expands out and beyond the post locations.

Gazebo timber frame with decking

Yet, in this one its been made to be smaller and tighter up against the outside of the posts.

Tuin gazebo enhanced with walls and decking

Both options are possible through the exact same kit as the sizes you choose ( with in the confines of the kit ) are decided on the day of installation.

You may also be interested to know that both of these gazebos are actually the same model. One customer of ours really went to town enhancing his purchase with extras making it a very useable space in the garden… we think so at least 🙂

Some more examples here showing our wooden gazebos made ontop of some form of timber deck.

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