Garden Veranda Gallery

Our Garden Dreams Veranda Gallery

This is just a small example of what can be created with our German made and specified Garden Verandas.  Please ask us for more details, please also see our Garden Veranda product category for base prices and details.


  • 3mm Integral gutter thickness for stability
  • Aluminium cover profiles for the sides as well as the top
  • 45 or 90 degree angles
  • Free standing veranda options
  • Full Garden Rooms
  • Aluminium Carports and shelters
  • Choice of roof and walls finish
  • The roofing sheets are held by four sides of rubber
  • Drain pipe is integral within the posts
  • You will not find a better price against the quality
  • German Standards
  • 14cm High front rail for a modern look
  • Sleek and clean design
  • Corner designs
  • Giga gutters for strength when in long runs of up to 7m which means you only need two posts in a 7m length with a 3m depth.  Normal posts are set 4m apart and an extra post is required at more than 5m.


Although straightforward this range of veranda’s does take a certain level of DIY skill to erect.  If you may find this difficult please ask for our installers details.

Please see this video for installation advice and an over view of what is required in their construction.

Please enjoy the gallery below

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