Finger Joints, Viewed  by some as unsightly and a sign of a cheap log cabin… A fair assumption but in truth not always accurate.

Finger jointing is a technique used by many log cabin manufacturers to re-use short lengths of timber / wall logs. The real benefit from using such a system is that there’s then less wastage so the impact on the environment is reduced.. and of course helping to reduce the overall cost of the building.

However some suppliers will take this too far and you can find log cabins in the UK with joints in wall logs at every 30cm or so, and in addition you will find some cabins even have a mixture of timber used which looks incredibly unsightly.

We do our best to be as economical with our log cuts as possible so the FJ are not even needed, However some of our cabins will feature them but the percentage is kept as low as possible, we will never use a mixture of species… Always Spruce.

If you’re considering buying a log cabin, always ask your supplier about finger joints and if they are used, then, more importantly, what percentage of joints are there within the wall log.

Please Note: Doors and windows are different, we do actually favour these type of joints in doors and windows and they are known as laminating, within a door or window these help to stop bowing of the frame of the door or window as the wood is not one continuous piece.

Finger joints in Log CabinsLog Cabins from Tuin

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