Delivery in Time for Christmas 2021

Sorry to mention the C word already… I am very disappointed with myself too… in my defence the supermarkets have beaten me to it with their vast displays of festive chocolates.. its October… But still.. very sorry.

The reason for this post to spread the word, Delivery times for our log cabins and other types of garden structures are longer than they used to be, be sure to plan accordingly and allow yourself extra time if you plan on treating a loved one to a garden improvement.

So what’s on your wishlist this year, we have a huge range of log cabin, Larch buildings, Aluminium Verandas, Shepherd huts and much more to offer

On every product you will find a delivery timeframe, For the larger items you can chose your own delivery week just in case you need to postpone a little longer.

We'd love your comments on this.....