Deliveries Delayed

The weather is still severely effecting our deliveries.  We’ve just had an update from one of our hauliers who have sent us a list that covers virtually all the country.  It makes interesting reading.  You can download the status here if you’d like to see the update.  We have made most of our customers aware who have been expecting their delivery.

The phones and emails have been very quiet today as people struggle with the snow, or, as I hope they’re at least in part enjoying it.  With that in mind I decided to ‘chip off’ for a while and ‘enjoy’ the snow for a little while with my kids.

I'm sure I'm getting too old for this

I’m sure I’m getting too old for this!

So i’m back in the office, a cup of hot chocolate later (and bruised ribs) and it’s back on with work, except there’s a lack of it.  Are everyone else out sledging as well?  On Twitter a link was posted to this video, is it wrong to laugh?

I’d feel very guilty if I posted on our companies blog without mentioning at least one of our many products, so here it is:  Our lovely and very bedraggled snow covered Hardwood Picnic Bench

Hardwood picnic table covered in snow

Hardwood picnic table covered in snow

I’ve had this table for years, we’ve got a small play area for the children and the poor thing has been out in all weathers and, rather lazily I’ve never treated it.  But like all our products it’s still going strong.

Here’s a picture of one of these tables in a far better setting and climate:

Tuindeco hardwood picnic table.

Tuindeco hardwood picnic table.

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