Cheap Log Cabins

Pssst, Want a cheap log cabin?  We all want something cheap, we all want a bargain.  Of course we all know there’s no such thing.  Everything has it’s cost and every business needs to make money.  Log cabins are the same as everything else, you get what you pay for.

So you’re looking for a cheap log cabin?  How cheap would you like it?

We supply across Europe to 100’s of retailers.  We pride ourselves on supplying the best quality we can for a fair price.  We have to deal with some very discerning customers and we pride ourselves on their satisfaction.  But, some of our trade retailers want a cheaper building for their customers and, of course we can supply it.  We can supply pretty much any building they want to any price range, and in doing so they become our ‘Private label’ range.

Before we get onto cheap log cabins and our Private Label log cabins lets look at our main standards.  These are log cabins found within our catalogue and are designed for the discerning Dutch and German market.  Our standard buildings feature the following in their build:

    • Northern European White wood:  This is slow grown Spruce:  We like white wood as there is no distinction between the heart wood and the sap wood.  Knots are round and are of a similar colour to the surrounding wood.  This gives a board a uniform colour and texture.  The best whitewood is grown in fertile, old sea bottom soils in a colder climate.
    • Spruce Tree

    • Harvesting – When a tree is cut makes a huge difference, simply put if you cut down a tree in the spring it is full of sap.  Cut a tree down in late autumn or winter the sap has gone.  This can make a huge difference to how many cracks appear, how many knots fall out, how much it warps and how much shrinkage occurs.  The price of timber varies greatly, the most expensive timber is:  Cut in the Autumn. Coldest Climate (further North) ~ Cheapest timber is:  Cut in the Spring, warmer climate (lower North)
    • Spruce Harvest

      Harvesting Srpuce

    • Solid Logs – The logs are solid in length with carefully and accurately machined tongue and grooved conical connections to interlock the logs.  Depending on the thickness of the logs will depend on the number of tongues we use.  Depending on the machinery used will depend on the finish.
    • Tongue and groove in logs for log cabins. The number of grooves increase as the log thickness does

      Tongue and groove in logs for log cabins

    • At least 18mm tongue and groove boards are used for the roof and floors
    • tongue and groove boards

      At least 18mm tongue and groove boards are used

    •  We use good quality doors and windows.  We do allow laminating of timber for the arches when they are featured.  We use good quality locks and window furniture.
    • Log Cabin locks

    • For the roof we only use products from IKO.  These are very high quality and last for years and years.

IKO Roof shingles – the best solution for any garden building roo

So, that’s what we do as standard.  All our standard log cabins are featured within our catalogue and are available through many retailers across the UK and Europe.

But, I hear you say: “what about the CHEAP LOG CABINS?

We have a range on our website, these are called the ‘Private Label’ range.  This is a range of buildings that are to the same standards as above.  Lets pretend you are a trade retailer.  You want something to brand as your own?  You want something exclusive not found anywhere else?  Something of a quality that won’t let you or your company down?  “Certainly Sir” I would say, have a look at these.  I’d then show you our range of private buildings, you’d um and ah and try to haggle on the price, we’d agree on quantities and  voila you have your own building or range.  We then remove the log cabin from our private label section and you have an exclusive range!

Not a trade retailer?  Not to worry we have loads of buildings in private label, all at very cheap prices not yet taken by the trade, grab yourself a very cheap log cabin.

But, I now hear you say:  “I am a trade retailer and they’re still not cheap enough!”.  “OK Sir” I reply.  “How cheap would you like it?”

I shouldn’t be telling you this really but no doubt my reader, you have been bored long ago by my rambling so it’s unlikely you’ve got this far, so I think I’m safe to let you into the secret world of ‘Cheap Log Cabins‘;

“So, you want .. that’s your price Sir?  A 4m x 3m log cabin, with double doors and two opening windows?  Something like this Sir?”

Summertime log cabin – A jolly good price!

So I get to work.  I have my standard specification, to what the Dutch and Germans expect and want as I have mentioned above.  We’re in the UK though, we as a people these days want a cheap log cabin, a deal, a bargain.  You as a retailer want to offer your customers a cheap building, grab the sales, corner the market;  of course you do and I can give you such a building.  So the normal standard is not cheap enough, lets work it out more:

  1. The first thing I can look at is where I’m buying my timber, lets look to warmer climates, sure the grain is not as tight, the timber not so uniform, the knots are a little looser, the colour is not quite as nice.  “What about that price Sir?”  You shake your head “not cheap enough”.  I nod and move on in my calculations.
  2. Harvesting – this ones simple, I’ll buy timber cut down in the spring, it’s a lot cheaper and makes a big difference at the timber merchants.  I hand you the estimate, shaking your head again I have to move on.
  3. Solid logs – this is an easy one, I’ll make you a log that isn’t, tell you what, I’ll make it from off cuts, that pile that was destined for the factory furnace, cheap heating using the waste.  BUT, I could make you a cabin from that using finger joints:  and Fingers!.  Now what percentage should I use, surely I couldn’t go that high?
  4. I’ve got something to play with, the finger jointing makes it possible for me to use as much off cuts as I want, we’ll get back to that one.  I can tell you want a REALLY cheap log cabin so I can start playing with the roof and purlins.  I like the 19mm boards but OK, I’ll put in 12mm.  I like my sturdy purlins but OK, I’ll put in thinner ones.  It’s OK, if you still want cheaper I could even use OSB in the roof:
  5. I still ponder my timber cost.  I know how about a different wood?  You see, some manufacturers use red wood, it is cheaper but we don’t like it, the heart and sap wood are more distinguishable, the knots are darker, it yellows with age rather than staying white.  Its not as nice but we could use that?
  6. I know, back to my timber off cuts on the floor, what if I use a mix of redwood and white wood?  Join them all together with the finger joints?  “Sure you’ll have different colours in the logs all spliced together, it would make a very cheap log cabin though sir?”
  7. Still playing I can look at the doors and windows, the standard 4mm glass too expensive?  Lets try 3mm, 2mm?  How about plexiglass?  What about the quality of the fittings?  You don’t want stainless?  You don’t want Zinc?
  8. Roof materials, do I really have to use IKO?  “I certainly know some cheaper shingles Sir, they’ll only last a few years but will they be fine for your cheap log cabin?”

Anyway so it goes on.  I can make you a very, VERY cheap log cabin.  In fact we do, for many trade people across the UK and Europe.  I’m glad it’s not our name on it though but it is very cheap with this specification:

  • Middle Northern spring cut red wood / white wood mix
  • 60% finger joints in the wall logs
  • OSB roof
  • Reduced Purlins
  • Plexiglass
  • Budget fittings and roof coverings.

“There you go Sir” you smile and nod, very pleased with your ‘Cheap log Cabin” about to be added to your website, “we’ll make some pretty pictures for you free of charge Sir”.

If you’re a consumer, thinking of buying a cabin we do have some very cheap log cabins, we’ve even got one or two finger jointed ones in our private label log cabins range ready to be picked up by an exclusive retailer.

If you’re a retailer we can supply you with a cabin or range at any price you want.  If you’re a consumer I’ve given you some food for thought when you want to find a ‘Cheap Log Cabin’  There’s loads of them about, but are they what you think they are?

We do though, have some VERY cheap log Cabins.  All at trade prices until a Trade Retailer takes them as an exclusive.

Look across the internet, you’ll find loads of cheap log cabins.  Always ask these questions of any retailer to know what you’re getting for your money, it also tells you whether they actually know their products:

  1. Where is the timber sourced?
  2. When was it cut?
  3. Does it contain finger jointing?  If so what percentage within a log – 10% is not bad at all, anything above and start worrying?
  4. If it does have finger jointing is it a Spruce and Pine mix?  What percentage is the mix?
  5. What is the roof?  Is it tongue and groove?  Is it OSB?
  6. Who is the manufacturer of the Roofing Material?

I hope you find what you’re looking for on your quest for  ‘Cheap Log Cabins

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