Best Time to Buy a Log Cabin

Oct 2021: Ben

This blog was made some time ago now and a lot has happened since 2019, so.. Is this still relevant and has anything changed with the effects of Covid and the global timber shortage.

For the better part this is all still very current although with the welcome reopening of everything fun in the last few months things have slowed down a little earlier than normal with people taking that well needed staycation instead.

However with that said, keep an eye on the market as we get into those 3 golden months as things should start dropping,

Nov 2019:  Richard,

It always amazes me how quiet everything suddenly goes in this industry once the leaves start dropping and Autumn is here, it gets worse when the clocks go back. For me it’s time to put my feet up a bit, grab a quick holiday and some time with the family.

I do think though us humans are funny creatures, as soon as it gets a bit murky we’re not interested in anything outside, especially the garden. But, as soon as it gets light and sunny again we’re away.

You might be interested in this graph of how busy we have been.

November, December and January are the best times to buy your log cabin

The graph shows our busiest period over a 12 months. This is the same for every company I’ve been involved within the garden industry.

Sales start in January as people look forward to the Spring. Then it builds to the crescendo of March and April. Then drops steadily down until the summer holidays. Then some renewed interest as the weather stays nice. Then, strangely September and October we sell a lot of bigger buildings. In a previous job we’d sell a lot of garages.

Then comes the clock change, the weather gets rubbish and bam, that’s that for a few months and I get to relax and chip off somewhere hot.

But we still have a nice trickle through of customers and these are perhaps the clever, canny customers. They waited and are planning for the Spring next year, perhaps they know how the garden industry works?

Simply put, if you want anything major for your garden late Autumn and early Winter is the time to buy as the prices will be the lowest possible!

I found an interesting article on a recent search which was as a result of a survey on the best time of year to buy various items from computers to gym membership. Strangely they didn’t survey the garden industry which is a shame as it’s worth just over £5 Billion a year in the UK, we do love our gardens!

If they had surveyed the garden sector they would have found that the best time to buy for your garden is November, December and January.

Perhaps you wouldn’t buy a fence or a planter, or even garden furniture. But these months are the time to buy a major expense such as a shed, summerhouse or log cabin.

This three month slot is the best time to buy a log cabin, gazebo or any major expense because:

  • Lowest possible prices
  • Retailers will be wanting to remove stock to make way for the new season.
  • Timber price and product prices will start to rise the middle of January early February.
  • Hauliers will be re-negotiating costs which will trigger late January early February.
  • Retailers will need to maintain a cash flow.
  • The very best service is often given in the quiet months as staff are a lot less busy and can often give you far more attention.
  • Prices will be at their lowest to maintain and encourage sales, lots of deals will be on offer.

We’re the same as everyone else, we drop a lot of our prices for Log Cabins, Gazebos, Verandas etc to try to keep the sales coming. We have some crazy, crazy bargains during those three months. We practically make nothing on the products but it keeps things moving.

Weather Window and too cold

Of course some customers will want to wait until the weather is better, until it’s warmer. Granted laying a base can take longer when it’s wetter and churn up your garden a bit but if you can manage it and get your log cabin up it will be worth it plus you’ll be ready for next spring and saved a ton of cash!

I always tell customers that the only thing that is affected by rubbish weather is the fitter and never the building!

The joy of a log cabin install in the wet. I remember this morning, we had to remove a layer of snow off the roof and then it rained all day while trying to install the insulation and roof shingles.

The joy of a log cabin install in the wet and cold. You too could be enjoying yourself this much if you bought your cabin in the late Autumn / early winter 🙂

Christmas Log Cabin Deliveries

With Christmas quickly approaching, we have to announce a delay in our large item deliveries- This includes our Log Cabins, Gazebos, Verandas.. All of the buildings that we offer.

Because of this, the earliest delivery week we offer is now week two – the week commencing on the 11th of January 2021.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. However, we do hope you have a great holiday!

Yorick Garden Office Log Cabin

Why choose a Log Cabin

You’ve decided you need a building for your garden, it maybe for a number of uses and what you intend to use it for will be based on what type of building you opt for. The building options you have other than a purpose built brick construction are:

There are four basic types of Garden Building that you will consider:

  1. Traditional Shed – Timber frame with cladding on top.
  2. Traditional Summerhouse – Timber frame with cladding on top.
  3. Metal or Plastic Shed
  4. Substantial Timber Frame
  5. Log Cabin

Lets look at the types involved and I’ll try to offer a little advise on how they are built, what they are ideally suited for and as my passion is Log Cabins I’ll suggest why you could consider them for your needs. For the sake of my research and advise I’m going to base it on a requirement for a 10′ x 10′ – 3.0m x 3.0m building.

Timber Frame Buildings:

Traditional Sheds and Summerhouses are all made on a timber frame with cladding on top and these can vary hugely. I was involved with making sheds /  with a previous company and we would use 50mm x 50mm framing with 12mm or 21mm cladding. Looking around on the internet this evening I am see wildly different sizes:

I took these figures from the three biggest suppliers on the internet of sheds / summerhouses and I am basing this article of a 10′ x 10′ (3.0m x 3.0m) size building.

  • Shed 1 Frame: 28mm x 28mm – Cladding 7mm
  • Shed 2 Frame: 38mm x 50mm – Cladding 12mm
  • Shed 3 Frame: 45mm x 27mm – Cladding 12mm nominal (means before it is planed)

There seems to be quite a scope out there for shed and certainly the thickness’s are coming down for the frame that the cladding is fixed to. The strength of course will also drastically reduce the larger the building gets. I’m also seeing that most sheds are getting quite low these days:

  • Shed 1 Eaves Height: 1549mm – Ridge Height: 2209mm – Door Height: 1730mm
  • Shed 2 Eaves Height: 1680mm – Ridge Height: 2280mm – Door Height: 1765mm
  • Shed 3 Eaves Height: 1840mm – Ridge Height: 2550mm – Door Height: 1770mm

Sheds and Summerhouses seem to be all the same cladding and frame thickness’s depending on which company you are looking at. There seems to be quite difference in price and sizes.

My advise if you are opting for a shed is always to check these heights, the frame thickness and especially what the thickness of the cladding is. The minimum finished size should be at least 12mm. This is the same for timber frame summerhouses.

If you require a large building, certainly above 3.0m x 3.0m you will need to look closely at what strength the building is offering you and compare it to your needs and requirements as well as any adaptations you may want to make to it. For instance with a summerhouse it may be good to use it all year around, in which case you will want to consider insulating it. But, is the frame depth deep enough to actually do this?

Having been involved in this industry it is a shame to see every standard dropping. It looks as if the various manufacturers are dropping cladding and frame sizes, possibly quality as well, everything is based on price. I guess if all you want is a small and cheap storage solution then these are a good idea. I’m not sure though of the quality and strength.

The sheds from Tuindeco are closer to what sheds used to be in the UK about 10 years ago. We have a range of small sheds that isn’t that successful on sales really. Our sheds have a framing of 50mm x 50mm with 16mm cladding and fully tanalised.

They cannot though really compete on price against a shed with framing of 28mm x 28mm with 7mm cladding and I think anyone looking for a shed is looking at price alone and forgetting what actually matters. ‘The devil is in the detail’ as they say!

Looking at price and detail though is important and lets just say you were looking at the details and costs, as well as the quality, thickness of timber, strength and longevity. Lets just say you were looking for best value for money.

Metal and Plastic Sheds:

This type of shed is a good maintenance free solution but the smaller cheaper ones should not ever be considered a security shed just because it is made of metal. They can be good for quick and easy storage but the larger ones, if you want Quality can be very, very expensive. We have a small selection of metal sheds designed for cheap and easy storage. For a cheap, maintenance free solution I would recommend a plastic or metal shed but only for small storage needs, never for a large or secure building. Even at 10′ x 10′ I don’t think a metal shed is really suitable for anything other than storage. If you paid a tone more cash is would be secure. But, it’s never going to be pretty and you could never use it as a workshop or a garden office. Metal and Plastic sheds are very limited in what they can do, simple storage is about it.

Substantial Timber Frame Building:

I’m only going to touch on these briefly as these are not even close to the same league as a log cabin or a timber framed traditional Shed or Summerhouse.  These are a different animal completely, we offer a range of Larch Timber Frame Buildings which are comparable to the gorgeous Oak frame building you may have coveted. Prices are not at all comparable to a shed but nor are the specifications. The posts on these buildings are 145mm x 145mm with framing of 45mm x 145mm, cladding starts at about 20mm in lots of styles: Timber Cladding.

This type of building is generally only available from very specialist builders and is quite rare to find, especially in kit form and at our prices.

I cannot recommend these buildings enough, they are ‘proper buildings’ and prices are a lot higher than a normal shed. It depends on what you are looking for and these maybe out of the scope of this article so lets stick to the subject of a basic timber building for your garden – For instance, hypothetically

You require a garden building of about 10′ x 10′ – 3.0m x 3.0m

So lets look at this building you have space for and what your needs are for it, what do you want it for? Possibly these ideas:

  • Simple storage of tools
  • A workshop
  • Storage of precious items – books, paperwork
  • Somewhere to sit and enjoy a cup of tea
  • A building that is pretty to look at and not ‘sheddy’ – a Summerhouse.
  • Extra accommodation
  • A Garden studio or work place


FREE Composite Foundation Beams Offer

Hi everyone!

Update: As of the 30th September, this offer has ended.

I come with some good news – To celebrate the summer months we are offering FREE Composite Foundation Beams with most Log Cabin orders made within this month.

Our Composite Profiled Foundation Beams are suitable for all of our Log Cabins. Made from recycled plastic – These will never rot.

The Offer:

Foundation beams are essential for any log cabin to ensure untreated wood is not placed directly onto the ground. Whilst all Tuin log cabins are supplied with pressure treated foundation beams as standard, these beams include a ‘profile’ to allow water to drain away from the base of any building.

Free Composite Foundation Beam Options

How can you get these foundation beams for free? Simply select the FREE option under “Foundations” in the options tab for your chosen cabin.


Our Composite Foundation Beams will need to be cut to size upon installation and installed end to end. The log cabin base will need to be made slightly larger than the footprint of the cabin when these are used. Besides that extra step, the foundation beams will be installed in a similar manner to the other types of foundation beams. More information can be found on our Foundation Beams Installation Guide.

To Note:

Our image of our foundation beams present them as a rich dark brown – The product you receive may have a colour variation from slightly lighter to almost black.

As much as we would love to make this offer apply to our full range of Log Cabins – Some of our kits already come with their own integrated foundation system which means these would not be compatible. This applies more so for our 70mm Log Cabin range.

This offer is eligible for most Log Cabin orders made. Pair this offer with our FREE roof shingle offer to get the best savings.

Tuin Installation – Philip

We do offer an installation service for our products but with VAT and all the expenses a company faces we can be rather expensive.

I personally don’t like things costing more than they should which is why a couple of years ago I asked for a new way of doing things to give you an alternative and cheaper option.

Yes we can install for you as a company but we will also give you details of recommended installers. We take nothing from them and ask nothing from you. This way you get the benefit of a very experienced fitter at a reasonable price who is self employed and without VAT.

Philip – Independent Garden Building Fitter:

We maintain a list of top fitters, Philip is one of them and these are examples of his work and services. Other fitters also offer additional services that we cannot.

A very impressive fit in a difficult location using a timber frame base of brick piers.

A very impressive fit in a difficult location using a timber frame base of brick piers.

Please see this page for advice on bases:

Philip has modified the veranda from the standard positioning.

Philip has modified the veranda from the standard positioning.

The Gunnar normally has a side porch but Philip was asked to adjust it and cut it down.

The Gunnar normally has a side porch but Philip was asked to adjust it and cut it down.

It's not just log cabins and Philip is very experienced in installing our gazebos. This is the Grande Gazebo.

It’s not just log cabins and Philip is very experienced in installing our gazebos. This is the Grande Gazebo.

Perfect roof coverage with normal felt on the Maja Log Cabin

Perfect roof coverage with normal felt on the Maja Log Cabin

A really nice floor laid by Philip is one of our Nora hexagonal log cabins.

A really nice floor laid by Philip is one of our Nora hexagonal log cabins.

Philip also offers a base laying service, this Paiva gazebo log cabin in perfect!

Philip also offers a base laying service, this Paiva gazebo log cabin in perfect!

An alternative to our T&G timber floor, Philip is using OSB as a prelude to laminate flooring in our Wigan 58mm log cabin.

An alternative to our T&G timber floor, Philip is using OSB as a prelude to laminate flooring in our Wigan 58mm log cabin.

Completed laminate flooring in the Wigan log cabin, perfect for a garden office!

Completed laminate flooring in the Wigan log cabin, perfect for a garden office!

Philip uses thicker insulation and then sandwiches it using OSB sheets on the 58mm Wigan log cabin.

Philip uses thicker insulation and then sandwiches it using OSB sheets on the 58mm Wigan log cabin.

Philip installing one of our Yorick garden office log cabins.

Philip installing one of our Yorick garden office log cabins.

A more simpler install, the Summertime 34mm log cabin.

A more simpler install, the Summertime 34mm log cabin.

Philip travels all over the UK, he’s extremely reasonable and works in a two man team. He can also, depending on location, offer the full service including bases and treatment options.

Look out for Philip in our fitter recommendations lists.

Tuin 2019 Catalogue Feature

Hello everyone! So as you may be aware- It’s coming up to the season where we start making the finishing touches to our new catalogue! When these are all completed we will work hard to put the products on our website for you to browse and order. However, in the meantime I have created this snippet showcase of some of the products we are excited about for the upcoming year.

Now, let me show you the products that I am most looking forward to:

Garden Furniture:

We’re always thinking of ways to improve our Garden Furniture, from comfort to the prevention of mould growing from damp cushions. This is why we have expanded our aluminum framed range and implemented a powerful combination of Textilene fabric with Quickdry foam cushions.

Textilene is a PVC coated woven polyester, formulated to withstand the most severe weather conditions as well as wear and tear for many years of outdoor use- all with minimal maintenance needed! Quickdry foam has been specifically designed for outdoor use, unlike normal foam, Quickdry foam drains water quickly allowing cushions to dry faster and prevent mould growth.


Colorado Springs Garden Lounge

Clean in design, the Colorado Springs set is split up into separate modules. Allowing you to do a ‘Pick ‘N Mix’ selection and build your own custom lounge set. Paired with Textilene material and Quickdry cushions, you can sit in the sun with comfort – Along with the metal butler trays on some modules, so you don’t have to worry about if your drink will topple over.


Montgomery Garden Dining Set

Dine in the sun with the Montgomery dining set featuring six chairs made from aluminum framing along with a 2m long table to fit all the dishes. You can relax knowing that your Montgomery lounge set won’t stay wet for hours, even days.

Fermont Balcony Furniture Set

Have you been dreaming of one of our Love Seats but don’t have the space for the whole width? A simple yet elegant furniture set, the Fermont may be the solution. The simplicity gives this garden furniture set a striking appeal, ideal under a veranda or on your balcony to make star gazing more comfortable.

We’re also taking a trip down memory lane and giving you 90s vibes with this Teak lounge set, the Riverside

Riverside Teak Garden Lounge Set

Quirky in design, the Riverside set is split up into separate modules. Allowing you to do a ‘Pick ‘N Mix’ selection and build your own custom lounge set. Made from the very appealing Teak timber to ensure a long lasting lounge set for years of use in your garden.


We also have some new additions to our Garden Fencing range – The most notable ones are made out of Larch timber, which is always stunning in colour and durability.

Klagenfurt Garden Fence

Modern in design, but effective – The Klagenfurt garden fence features 28 smoothly planed boards in each fence panel. Creating this smooth but busy looking fence panel, perfect for keeping your garden to yourself and blocking the outside world out.

Log Cabins:

Compared to our 2018 Catalogue Feature – There aren’t as many Log Cabins added to the range, but we have continued to expand our selection to help you find the perfect Log Cabin for your garden. However, meet the new additions to our 40mm and 70mm Log Cabin ranges:

Tane Log Cabin

Featuring an asymmetrical apex roof – The Tane Log Cabin provides customers the best compromise between price and heat capacity, being made from 40mm logs and double glazed windows. Paired with some insulation in the floor and roof, you will have the perfect start to your own, quirky summerhouse.

Ennis Log Cabin

Made from 70mm thick logs, the Ennis Log Cabin is an ideal cabin for overnight accomodation, or the ideal base for your home business. Measuring at 5.3m x 5.4m, the Ennis is made up of four internal rooms to allow the essentials to have it’s own designated space.

Letterkenny Log Cabin

Do you want a Log Cabin that’s filled with natural lighting? Then the Letterkenny Log Cabin may be just what you’re looking for. With a total of ten tempered double glazed windows around the front and back of the cabin, as well as the doors featuring glass fronts – It’ll be safe to say that when paired with the right location, natural light will brighten up all four rooms of this Cabin. Perfect for lakeside accommodation, or an office that overlooks the countryside!

Shepherds Huts:

That’s not all guys, to finish this post off I’d also like to show you one of our new additions to our Shepherd’s Hut range:

Gypsy Wagon XL

Gypsy Wagon XL

With the same classic design as our Shepherds Hut – Gypsy Wagon model, the Gypsy Wagon XL has a total with of 8.2m! Perfect for those who love to transform their Shepherd Huts into overnight accommodation. The Gypsy Wagon XL is also compatible with our Shepherds Hut Accessories, allowing you to add internal partitions, extra access and more.

And this is just a few of our new products for 2019 – Personally I’m the most excited about the new additions to our Shepherd’s Hut range, as well as the way our customers transform them! What are you looking forward to the most from this new catalogue?

Of course I can’t spoil everything for you, but if you just can’t wait any longer to find out you can read through our Tuin 2019 Online Catalogue.

We hope that 2019 will bring us new and returning customers to surprise and delight with again and again!

Tuin’s Trip To Tuindeco 2019

Recently a few of my co-workers in Tuin, as well as myself, traveled to Holland again, to see Tuindeco and hear about their developments over the past year. And once again, I was blown away with their developments every year – Some of which I will talk about in this blog post.

It started off with the usual ferry ride and the drive to Coevorden, and although the ferry ride was bumpy- I was lucky to catch the long straw, which allowed me to read during the whole journey. Once we got there, we were told the recent developments within Tuindeco- As well as being able to view their latest showsite design.

Every year Tuindeco grows, especially in a physical form, for example this video below shows their latest build project of two new warehouses. Both are massive in size, allowing them to build up stock in these quieter winter months- The development of these warehouses are planned to be finished early next year, ready for the spring and summer season.

And even with their developments of new warehouses, their current ones are still striving – With various techniques put into place to ensure the quality standards of our products.

Larch Timber Drying

Industrial power fans have been placed around the Larch timber in order to keep them nice and dry in the rainy months – Preventing the signs of weathering and the possible chance of mould growing.

Edelweiss Log Cabin Packaging

Along with new packaging styles that are being tested, such as this crate-like structure around the Edelweiss log cabin package, hopefully reducing the probability of the log cabin getting damaged during transit.

During our drive around the Tuindeco warehouses, we spotted something in the distance- So bright that no one could miss it… It turned out to be a Tuindeco minivan, a promotional vehicle for their 25 year anniversary, and although the weather doesn’t match the brightness of this minivan- It certainly brightened up our day!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After this tour we all went our separate ways in order to do the tasks we came here to do – My task was all about their show site. Armed with a 360° camera, I was able to capture and put together a 360° showsite walkthrough. Unfortunately the weather was cloudy and the showsite was in the middle of upgrading for the new season- But there is still plenty to see, you can find and use the walkthrough on our Tuin in pictures page! Along with a walkthrough of our showsite that’s based in Brooke, Norfolk.

What is envious about the Tuindeco showsite is the amount of space they’re able to use, in fact, they even had to room for one of our longest buildings at 14m – The Slane Log Cabin! Stunning in person, but I also captured a 360° walkthrough of the cabin, which can be found under the video tab of the product page.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Alongside this giant of a Log Cabin – They also a selection of our Larch Garden Buildings. One of each roof type in fact, along with a sneak peek at the new furniture additions for next year’s catalogue:

Apex Roof Larch Garden Building

A traditional style for roof type, Our Larch Apex roof garden building range starts first with the basic structure and then various modules can be added to it to create walls, infills, extensions etc.

Asymmetrical Apex Roof Larch Garden Building

A roof type inspired by barns – The asymmetrical apex roof larch timber comes from well managed forest and is one of the most durable softwood species. It has a very warm colour and texture.

Pent Roof Larch Garden Buildings

Or for something more modern in style – The pent roof larch garden buildings. Available in two cladding colours: standard Larch and pre-painted black Larch

Though admittedly, I did get distracted a few times…

Tuindeco Dog

But who wouldn’t be? Nevertheless the the trip to Tuindeco was a success in my eyes, with plenty of pictures taken plus the creation of two 360° walkthrough tours, the consumption of Bitterballen and dog petting- It’s hard to list that as a fail. Feel free to let us know your opinion of the new walkthrough tours by commenting on this post.

If you’re still curious about Tuin and Tuindeco, you can read more about how we operate from our Tuin About Page as well as the Tuin and Tuindeco in Pictures page.