Log Cabin Offers

As we are preparing our 2018 catalogue, unfortunately we’re going to have to let go a few of our Log Cabins. So as a parting gift to some of our well known cabins, we are offering discounts!
See below for which cabins these include, this page will be updated as more offers come in, while stocks last!

In addition to these, we have recently added more offers around the site! Even with Log Cabins that will be staying in next years catalogue. You can start by looking in our Log Cabin page- these offers are available until the end of the year!

The Offers Available Are As Follows: 

The Gigamodern Log Cabin. 

The Gigamodern Log Cabin

Featuring a contemporary flat roof, storage shed and large open side shelter supported by two posts.

With flat roof, the 40mm Giga Modern Log Cabin is designed to imitate the wide, horizontal lines of the natural landscape. Perfect for adding a contemporary feel to any garden, this log cabin combines a storage shed and side shelter into one practical building.

The Gigamodern Log Cabin- Now available for £2,358!

The Supermodern Log Cabin.

The Supermodern Log Cabin

Flat roof Super Modern Log Cabin measuring 4.2 x 4.2m. With centrally positioned double doors flanked by two bottom-hung sash windows.

The Supermodern Log Cabin is a contemporary style Cabin with a sleek flat roof, centrally positioned double doors and high positioned windows. Made from 40mm Spruce timber, the supermodern is a stunning design that offers all year round use!

The Supermodern Log Cabin- Now available for £2185.50!

The Lisette Garden Office Studio.

The Lisette Log Cabin

The Lisette garden office studio measures 6.09 x 3.64m and features double glazing and double skin 19mm clad walls.

The Lisette is split into two, one side an enclosed office and the other open as a gazebo, this layout is perfect for a multifunctional garden building. Making this Log Cabin perfect to be used as: a summerhouse, garden office, art/music studio and more!

The Lisette Log Cabin- Now available for £3,819.85!

The Kajsa Modern Studio.

The Kajsa Modern Studio

A contemporary flat roof model in 19mm cladding, the Kaisja studio features a double door and two fixed windows. Dimensions are 2.72 x 2.01m.

This Modern Studio may be smaller in size, but doesn’t stop you from having crisp, clean lines from the Spruce Cladding. With the two fixed windows being adaptable for either side of the Cabin, this is a perfect Log Cabin for art/music studios.

The Kajsa Modern Studio – Now available for £1,268.90!

The Morten Log Cabin 

Morten Gazebo Log Cabin

A unique combination, the Morten features both a gazebo and shed annexe in one garden building. Measuring 3.5 x 5.0m and manufactured using 28m tongue and groove logs.

Who needs a separate Gazebo and Storage Shed when you have them both with the Morten? Inspired by the log cabin summerhouse and shed combinations, a full height partition creates a distinction between the two functions. It also offers flexibility with the Gazebo being able to be installed on either side of the Shed.

The Morten Log Cabin – Now available for £2,112.23!

The Amstelveen Modern Log Cabin.

Amstelveen Log Cabin

The Amstelveen 28mm Log Cabin measures overall at 5.82m x 2.48m- Including the incorporated canopy area.

A cabin that screams modern, the Amstelveen Log Cabin features a three measure length gazebo, with a 2.8m x 2.48m Cabin ideal for storage use or as a main summerhouse. The Amstelveen offers all the functionality and versatility of a conventional garden shed. Yet instead of panels, this building is constructed using interlocking 28mm Swedish pine logs.

The Amstelveen Modern Log Cabin – Now available for £1,410.19!

This page was last updated on the 20/2/2018

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New Additions to Tuin Rummage Sale

Hi everyone!

Occasionally here at Tuin we do tend to save up our old stock in our warehouses. Whether they are old stock, weather damaged items or customer returns/cancellations in order to add them to our Rummage Sale page.

All of our Tuin garden products listed on the Rummage Sale page will include details of the condition that they are in. These may not be ideal for everyone, but for those who want to save a little or were planning to decorate their garden product with a coat of paint or two- it may be worth to have a look!

Decorated Ingrid Log Cabin

Customer Image of a Beautifully Decorated Ingrid Log Cabin!

All of the garden products on this page are in limited quantities- so make sure to check them out before everything goes!

Recent additions include:

  • Some of our best selling Timber Log Cabins.
  • Hardwood Picnic Tables.
  • Hardwood Tree Seats.
  • Gazebos.
  • Garden Verandas.
  • Garden Fencing.
  • Log Cabin Windows.

More products will be added to this page when required, so make sure to keep an eye out for more update posts like these.

You can find out more of Tuin’s Special Offers and Deals here.

You can find out more about our website and other news from Tuin here.

Roofing Offer for Log Cabins

Sorry, this offer is now closed 🙂

We have two new products for this year as alternative roofing systems for your log cabin or larch building. The Easy Roof Membrane has been extensively tested in Germany and the >Reed thatching panels in Holland for several years.

But, I have not used either of them and as I have mentioned before I feel slightly uncomfortable recommending a product I am not certain on despite assurance they are top of the range, highly successful in Europe and tested thoroughly.

Unfortunately I do not install much these days so I am asking for customer’s help.

In return I will give you either of these products FREE of charge so long as the building is no larger than 4.0m x 4.0m (16 sq.m in total area). – OFFER NOW CLOSED

UPDATE 23.2.16 Mr Munn of Aylesbury has taken the Metal Roof tiles Offer 

UPDATE 4.3.16 Mrs Wall of Penzance has taken the Thatched Roof Offer.

UPDATE 9.3.16 Mr Kelman of Aberdeen has taken the Easy Roof Membrane Offer.

So, I have an offer for you …. A very limited one and limited to the first person to take me up on it. So, on your marks …. This offer will not last very long at all as someone will be quick off the mark.

If you are considering a flat roof log cabin from our Modern Log Cabin range such as perhaps the Elburg Log Cabin then I would like to offer you the Easy Roof Membrane for FREE.

Elburg log cabin being offered with Free Easy roof membrane

Elburg log cabin being offered with Free Easy roof membrane – OFFER CLOSED

Easy Roof Membrane is a highly viable alternative to EPDM and of course the highly inferior roofing felt that needs replacing every few years.

Easy roofing membrane offered FREE to customers

Easy roofing membrane offered FREE to a customer – OFFER CLOSED

UPDATE 9.3.16 Mr Kelman of Aberdeen has taken the Easy Roof Membrane Offer.

I’m particularly excited about the reed Thatch Roofing Panels. They’re an amazing product and looks stunning. I have played with thatching before in the UK in the traditional way but not this system. I have seen this in Holland but have never used it. It does look stunning and very impressive in the flesh though.

UPDATE 4.3.16 Mrs Wall of Penzance has taken the Thatched Roof Offer and it is now closed.

So, if you are looking for a apex roof log cabin such as the Skov log cabin or maybe the Perlund log cabin then I’d like to hear from you. I’d like to offer you a Thatched Roof for FREE.

Thatch Roof log cabin. I am offering this FREE in return for your help.

Thatch Roof log cabin. This offer is now closed – Taken By Mrs Wall

Like everything FREE though there is conditions. As I said I’m after a customer’s help with this. I’m hoping that whoever I work with will honour the gesture. I will offer you either of these products free but I’m asking you for the following in return:

  • An honest written appraisal of the roofing product from your point of view.
  • A series of photographs of the installation.
  • I’ll even send you a FREE action camera to video it if you would like, you can of course keep it afterwards.
  • A written assessment of your thoughts on it including our service and help.
  • A follow up in six – twelve months on your thoughts and living with the product.
  • Your assessment on the longevity of the product.

This will help me and other customers greatly and give an unbiased view of these new products. I’m excited by both of them but I have no experience of installing them. I hope someone can help me out?

Ideally you will be within 100 miles of our UK base at NR15 1HJ so I can pop out and have a look at the final install with your agreement.


UPDATE 23.2.16 Mr Munn of Aylesbury has taken the Metal Roof tiles Offer – The offer for Metal Roof tiles is now closed.

A few years ago we launched the metal roof tiles:

Metal roof sheets being offer FREE

Metal roof sheets being offer FREE OFFER TAKEN by Mr MUNN.

We’ve been selling these very well but I have never had any feed back on them. We do of course send out review requests after a sale but the take up is very small on offering a review, it’s funny though, when something goes wrong people seem happier to send a review. 🙂

UPDATE 23.2.16 Mr Munn of Aylesbury has taken the Metal Roof tiles Offer – The offer for Metal Roof tiles is now closed.

You can email using our contact page for any of these offers but please title it with ‘Roof Offer – Richard’ so it will be labelled for my attention, please only email your interest in this offer as I’m rarely in the office these days seeing customers or helping with service but I will always see emails, even on my days off.

Please only take me up on the offer if you are prepared to return the above asked for otherwise you might find an invoice hitting your inbox in a few months.

These are three viable alternative to Roof Shingles, Roofing Felt and EPDM and can add a new dimension to either the longevity of the building or the whole look and feel of it.