Zip Line – Tuin

The Tuindeco catalogue is enormous!  I still keep finding products that I haven’t added.  A poor show really seeing as it’s my job to keep them all updated.  I don’t really know how I managed to miss such a vital product and one that is just plain fun!

There’s a downside, it’s not suitable for adults, which is a damn shame as this weekend I installed it for my kids and so badly wanted a go.

Here it is:

My children were on this for hours, the Junior zipline.

My children were on this for hours, the Junior zipline.

Yup, none of that boring log cabin, timber twaddle I normally write about, try this for size.  Your very own zip line … or your kids at least.

It comes with everything you need in the box (except trees)  and even I could put it together, which I did at the weekend much to their excitement.

The hawser strop goes around the tree

The hawser strop goes around the tree

All you do is attach one end to a tree, and then of course after 30m you find another tree and attach it, pull it tight and then use the tensioner to get it really tight, and then ….. send your children down the zip line…. to test it …. and hope you did everything up tightly!

Great fun! A zip line for your children.

Great fun! A zip line for your children.

Great fun and they played on it all weekend which meant we had a little peace, it’s gotta be worth it.  Even the dog loved it:


So, there you go, you need one of these for just peace and quiet and to keep the kids amused for the summer holidays.  It can be tricky finding trees but you could alway cement posts in to have the same effect?

If you fancy one, here’s the link:  Junior Zipline now I’ve added it it’s going on special offer, I’m sure Holland must have noticed we have only sold one and I need to get the figures up and pretend it’s been on the site all this time!

Hey, did anyone spot the Swing Bench in the pictures.  These things are like gold dust for our customers, the things disappear as soon as we have them in stock.  Garden centres buy them in their hundreds.  Buy one while we have it, these are always out of stock but have 22 for this week only for our direct customers!

Pinch and a Punch for the first of the month

Pinch and a punch and no return, unless of course you hit this outdoor play punch bag too hard.  Just another part of our massive range of accessories for your garden play centres.

Garden Toy accessories – Punch Bag