Home Office Log Cabin Guide

With the recent global situation, working from home has become the new normal. It sounds like a dream but adapting can become a challenge- Especially if you are used to being in an office environment but now working from the kitchen table with the children wanting to talk to you all day long. However, a lot of people are enjoying working from home- But there isn’t any space in your home to set up a new office space. Now may be the time to look in your garden for a new office space with our Log Cabins and Garden studios.

If you’re working for a company or running your own – Here are some solution ideas for you.

This Aiste Log Cabin is now the official workshop for this customers handmade glass decor business. Using a classic white to decorate the interior to allow their artwork to speak for themselves… Along with plenty of lighting to allow them to work effectively.

The Elin Garden Studio is unique but modern in design, the extensively glazed front allows plenty of natural light to flood the room. Measuring at 4.77m x 3.51m- These customers have found ample space to set up their crafting room- With space for fabrics, machines and more.

Similar to the Aiste above, this Justine Log Cabin has also been painted white. Complemented with black and white furnishings and some bright canvases- As shown, the Justine has ample space for a large office desk, perfect for those who use multiple monitors or devices.

I’ll always be a fan of this Blackpool Log Cabin. The contrasting mint green doors and window frames gives a peaceful vibe, ready for a smooth day at work. Complete with some comfy chairs and a bright rug- This Log Cabin is ideal for both an office and a summerhouse.

Now my favourite example of a customer who is taking advantage of their garden space- Saying goodbye to shopfront rent payments and hello to their own home business. This Shannon Log Cabin has been transformed into a rustic dog grooming cabin. Complete with plumbing and electrics so your pup can get the treatment they deserve.

Now it’s time for the technical aspects.. For a Log Cabin, we would recommend a log thickness of 40mm and above- Along with some Log Cabin Insulation to keep your office cosy all year round.

Don’t forget to consider some Log Cabin Extras to future-proof your new office, with guttering to keep water away from the wall logs. Air vents for ventilation and storm kits if you’re in a windy area. Along with a Timber Treatment of your choice.

Once your home office has been installed with no signs of leaks, it’s time to consider adding electrics. Before you can do anything you need to plan out where you want the electrics and sockets to be – Consider where you would like to put your desk and workstation and map it out. We recommend to hire a qualified electrician for this step, but you can learn more on our Electrics in Log Cabins page.

Alternative Log Cabin Bases

With the current situation we’re all facing, a lot of companies have stopped their work for landscaping and laying concrete bases. Understandable of course, but times like these are the best times for some DIY projects to keep you busy- Such as building a log cabin, which will definitely keep you busy for a few days at least.

In our Base Requirements for Log Cabins blog post, we cover some of the options for building a level base- Including the traditional timber frame base, concrete bases as well as our Timber frame base pads. But some customers can get creative with their base frames, take a look at this video.

Sent to us by our independent/recommended installer John Heard, this Ben Clockhouse Log Cabin has been installed on a raised base using rolled steel joists to make this mad but durable Log Cabin base.

This is to show you that you can get creative with your bases, so long as your base is level and safe enough to hold up your Log Cabin as well as the people inside- Creativity is your limit.

Gunda Log Cabin Timelapse

Our Gunda Log Cabin measures to 4m x 4m, the ideal size for a summerhouse. And it’s easy enough to install, once you have a level base ready- See this customer who sent in a timelapse of their install, attached with this was some build notes from them.

I thought I’d add some notes and thoughts to go with these photos, as it’s been such a great experience.

The Customers Garden Before

The ‘garden before’ pictures are the bottom of my garden, it’s a wasted horrible bit of garden.
I’d been a bit nervous about the delivery, knowing it was going to be a large truck coming up a narrow’ish road, and it was. A very big truck. But the driver was brilliant and it could not have gone better. He even turned the truck round with ease, no dramas as I’d feared.

The cabin was delivered bank holiday Monday, but we weren’t building until the following Saturday, so I hand balled all the parts down into the garden on the Thursday night, stacked them into logical piles on pallets and put tarpaulins over it all ready for Saturday.

Friday night was spent reading the instructions over and over, and watching Richards video on how to build the thing. I’d watched it at least 10 times before we built, and even a couple of times since to make sure I got it right (apart from the door!). I can’t go on enough about how useful all of Richards videos, articles and blogs have been. I’ve soaked it all up and re-watched some of them mid-way through the job just to double check things as we went along. We started building, 2 of us, at about 8.40 Saturday morning. In the afternoon we got the roof boards on, and you’ll see in the video, even my other half went up on the roof to get them coated (I used OSMO from Brewers, quite expensive, pity I didn’t find the voucher for Brewers on your website until this week).

Roofing was started on the Sunday afternoon, I spent Sunday morning stood looking at it not quite believing we’d got this far. It took Sunday afternoon to shingle one side of the roof, then I booked. Wednesday off to complete it all as bad weather was due last Thursday. I got the 2nd side and the ridge done by 4pm last Wednesday. And it belted it down all day on the Thursday and not a single leak. I did order some IKO Shingle Stick from another supplier (sorry) but glad I did – used it on all the ridge tiles and edges, plus any tiles that felt a bit loose.

The floor still needs fitting, but I’m stuck for time for a couple of weeks now with work, and I’m still kicking myself for getting that door frame wrong – and you can see it in the video. I can’t praise the support and service from you guys enough, plus the support page on the website and the quality of the product. I’m really pleased with it.

Timelapses are always soothing to watch, thank you to the customer who sent in this timelapse of their Gunda Log Cabin. Looking for some more Log Cabin inspiration? You can find more reviews like this at: Tuin Pictorial Customer Reviews.

Is the Gunda Log Cabin too big or too small for your garden? We have hundreds of Log Cabins in our range to choose from.

Garden Shade Inspiration

As we come to the end of January, you may start wishing for the sun to return. But when it does return, you need to be prepared for the hot sunny days where a shelter will be beneficial for your comfort and your health. This post will be filled with inspiration for your future garden shade area, perfect for outdoor dining or keeping the kids cool in the summer.

This post will also go in order depending on your DIY skills, so that the sun shade with the least DIY skills needed will be posted first and the one that requires the most skills will be last on the list.

Butterfly Arbour Shade

Perfect for your outdoor dining set, the Butterfly Arbour Shade will help provide some shade in your garden without it looking boring with it’s sleek and modern look.
Available in two sizes of 3m x 3m and 4m x 4m you can make sure you can fit all of the family under the neutral coloured shade, providing both comfort and UV protection to those under it.

Complete with powder coated steel poles and a fitting kit, you won’t need a lot of DIY skills to be able to assemble the Butterfly Arbour Shade. Although a drill and some smaller tools will be needed on site to be able to assemble the shade.

The Butterfly Arbour Shade is currently available with a 5 – 7 working day delivery window.

Garden Sail Shelter

A Garden Sail Shelter presents a contemporary way to create shade in the garden.
Available in two sizes as well as two colours, these man made woven sail shelters offer protection against harmful UV rays as well as being water, light and wind permeable. Each sail comes with a three year guarantee.

Depending on how you wish to install this sail shelter, the DIY skills needed to install the post structure for this shelter sail is generally higher than the Butterfly Arbour shown above. Attach this triangle shaped sail shelter to three poles for a modern garden centerpiece, alternatively attach one side to an existing structure and the third to a supporting post.

The Garden Sail Shelter is currently available with a 3 – 5 working day delivery window.

Sliding Garden Shade Awning

A Sliding Garden Shade Awning for your garden or patio. The shade canvas measures 3.0m x 5.0m. You can either buy this knitted synthetic canvas on it’s own to meet your own ideas or you can add various options such as fitting kits, closing system and a timber supporting structure in larch.
These sliding garden shade awnings provide much needed shade over your patio or dining area, of course when the sun is not too bright they can be fully opened. Available in sandy beige, ivory, white and silver grey- you can match the shade to your garden theme, whether it’s sleek and modern or a rustic setting.

Your DIY skills will need to be more developed with the Sliding Shade Awning depending on how you wish to install this, due to the fact that if you add the Larch supporting structure to your order you will need to cut to length according to the plans provided.

The Sliding Garden Shade Awning is currently available with a 3 – 5 working day delivery window.

These are just a few ideas on how you can provide some shade in your garden this summer, you can more products in our Awning and Shade Range. Including all of the products mentioned in this post, parasols and aluminium structures.

Or if you’re looking for something more heavy duty that can be used all year around, we also offer a range of Wooden Gazebos. We always have the best prices listed along with our FREE Roof Shingle Offer.

Garden Verandas From Tuin

Recently a very nice couple in Lincolnshire ordered one of our Large Garden Aluminium Verandas, It was a magnificent 10 x 4m structure with a very appealing “classic” style gutter system! The installers were all very jealous by the time they left.

We are normally just employed to supply and deliver the kit ready for self-assembly following our step by step English instructions and videos, But in this instance our own fitting team were also hired to perform the installation on their behalf.

This presented us with a unique opportunity to give one of our young apprentices a chance to both view and help with one of these things going together, It also allowed us to hear a younger person’s point of view which helped us understand some of the key concerns that our potential customers may have before ordering

Let me address some of them below based on what young Lee felt.


These Garden Verandas are sold as DIY kits ready for self-assembly, We have set sizes available for a quick delivery as well as more bespoke options to provide something more custom to suit your needs.

When seeing something like this online there could be some concerns that stop you from going ahead .. You may worry about getting it wrong or ordering the wrong thing or perhaps the concern lies with the actual installation, You may not know anybody that could do it for you… all fair concerns.

Let’s talk about the first,

“What if i order the wrong thing”

With our garden verandas it really is pretty simple we promise and we try and show this on our webpages as best we can, all you need to think about really are the points of contact between the veranda and your wall and garden.

How will it fix to our Wall?

The kits comes with a wall plate which will fix on the outside of your wall, this plate will be as wide as the veranda in question.. So a 3m veranda will come with a 3m wall plate. The wall plate needs a reasonably straight and flat surface to fix too but it doesn’t have to be perfect as most houses are not.

Verandas wall plate up against a wall

The best way to test this will be to grab a length of wood thats pretty true and offer this up against the wall to see, If you notice some variations on the wall then they can normally be packed out with something

Some outside walls will have obstacles running down them like drainage pipes for guttering or for things abit more personal from the upstairs loo . Sometimes even wiring, Our kits do not have adapters to take them around things like this so you will need to think about re-routing the obstacles to allow a clean fit of the wall plate prior.

Veranda Check

Excuse my bad drawing, It shows the back of a house with a pipe that could obstruct a veranda from being fitted above the door line.

Lastly regarding the wall plate you may ask how high does it need to be fitted?

To answer this we need to think about another question first which is “How tall do you want the walk through height to be at the low side ( the front ) of my veranda as its all to do with the set pitch of 8 degrees

An 8 degree pitch will equate to a rise of around 14cm for every meter of projection which will help us in planning the wall plates position, So here’s how we do it.

Let’s say we want a walk through at the front of 2.1m which is the standard most will aim for.

An example sketch from the side of a veranda

The side view of a Veranda

So we have our starting height which is 2.1m to the underside of the gutter and we know we need to go up 14cm for every meter the veranda projects upwards following an 8 degree pitch/rise.

In our example so far we have opted for a 3m wide veranda, so lets assign it a depth of 4m which is a very popular option. All we need to do is times 14cm by four to figure out the wall plates location

14 x 4 = 56cm

We then take our walk through height at the front ( 2.1m ) and add the calculated increase ( 56cm ) which gives us 2.66m

From this we now know that the bottom of your wall plate needs to be set at a height of 2.66m, Of course this will vary depending on the ordering size but the calculation and method remains the same.

Working out the wall plate height

Working out the wall plate height

So what to take from all of this and how to be confident you’re ordering correctly.

  • The wall plate we supply will match the width of your veranda, Will it fit unobstructed by anything on my wall?
  • The height that the wall plate is set at will depend on your walk through height at the low side, It can be calculated based on a rise of 14cm for every meter of projection
  • If in doubt, Just contact us.. no problem.

Lets take a look at the front end

How will the posts work and what do they need to fix too?

The number of posts that come will depend on the width and depth of the veranda you select, This is all pre-calculated so the webpages will advise you. These posts support the front ( low ) side of your veranda and one of them will also incorporate the drainage pipe from the integral gutter.

Back to our 3m wide veranda example, This would come supplied with Two posts, one at each corner at the front and looks a little like this.

An example showing the frontage of a veranda

3m Garden Veranda Example. Note in this instance its the left hand post where water will be draining, you can choose differently on the day when installing.

We supply leaf catches with in the kit, This prevents all the gunk that may accumulate on the roof from entering the drainage pipe, instead it will stay with in the gutter so just like your house you may need to clear it out once in a blue moon.

So how do those legs fix to the ground you may ask. Well, we offer a few different options to suit your base and this is where you need to choose what’s best for you. the list of options and descriptions can all be found on the product pages but if you need more clarification then we are very happy to help over the phone or by email.

Veranda Foundations Options

Our Different Foundation Options for the Posts

That really is it for this concern ( What if i order the wrong thing ).. there isn’t a lot to it so we hope this has given you more confidence but as we say, If there are still doubts then just contact us as we are always here to help.

Perhaps you may also be worried about installation?

“My concern rests mostly on the installation”

Putting garden veranda together on the day may seem like a daunting task but in reality it may not be as bad as you first think, customers will buy from us all the time with the confidence to install it themselves so we hope you will to.

The instructions we supply are in English and show you what to do in a step by step manner. On top of that we also have a clear video and bags of online advice and support from our experienced team over the phone and by email.

We do of course offer installation services as well for those who are not so keen but our hope is with the clear cut information we supply you will feel confident enough to save yourself some labour charges and tackle this yourselves

Perhaps you know someone who is more on the handy side.. offer them beer or a nice glass of wine and they may be willing to help.. promise them a BBQ with no expenses spared.. make a day out of it

My point is that you don’t need to be a professional to install these things, they’re user friendly and we are always here to help if you get stuck.

What to take away?

  • Fitting isn’t as bad as you may think, we promise
  • We send Full English step by step instructions
  • We have a detailed video, available on the product pages prior to ordering
  • People like free booze, Use this to your advantage
  • We are here to help if you get stuck!

A very stunning veranda

We have many examples but this might be my favourite

End Of Season Log Cabin Offer 2019

As we’re getting closer to winter, you may be aware that this time of year is the best time to buy a Log Cabin. And what is better than an already dropped price? Having an additional discount on the sale price.

Please note: Offer items are in a first come first served basis, make sure to read the product pages on our sale items to find out the quantity available.

While these items are listed in our Rummage Sale category, the ‘End Of Season’ items are in brand new condition. So, let’s take a closer look at just some of the products we have available in this offer.

Butterfly Arbour Shade

Be ready for next summer with our Butterfly Arbour Shade.

Moving away from Log Cabins, we also have two of our Butterfly Arbour Shades on this end of season offer- One of each size. While these aren’t suitable for use in the winter, you could be extra prepared for next summer- Enjoying time out in the garden while staying protected with this stylish UV solution.
One of each size available

Single Carport

Don’t let the rain and leaves ruin a newly cleaned vehicle.

The final product I will be showcasing on this post is our Single/Lean To Carport. The ideal product for this time of year, this single flat roof carport can be used as a lean-to or freestanding structure, allowing for use within a wide range of outdoor spaces. An economical alternative to a garage, this carport offers an effective way to protect one vehicle from the elements.
Two available

And these are just a few products on offer in our Rummage Sale category. Don’t forget that the products listed as part of our ‘End Of Season’ offer are brand new and in perfect condition.

Ulrik Log Cabin Customer Review

As the drastic change of seasons starts, you may find yourself weary of starting your Log Cabin build. It’s during these times where you should keep a close eye on the weather reports and strategically plan your build around those few days of mediocre weather.

Just as these customers have done, in this post we will see Mrs R’s process of building her Ulrik Log Cabin, completed with pictures to show us the process.

Mrs R writes as follows:

We went for the Ulrik 3.8 x 3.8m cabin as it wasn’t too big but a nice size for our garden.
The delivery came mid-morning and took about 3 hours to unload and put in some order for the build. It started to rain (typical) but we managed to cover all the parts.

The build is on a raised concrete base and so we opted for the free composite foundation beams that were on offer at the time of purchase. They are never going to rot.

The following day the job was started. I must admit it looked a bit daunting but definitely exciting. Once the first few beams are down and making sure it’s as square as possible the build is pleasantly easy. We had very little issues with bent or warped timbers, some needed a little persuasion, however.

As each timber was put in place it was treated to a generous splosh of wood preservative including all the joints. This made the build a bit slower but whose rushing. We didn’t go mad with the camera probably because we forgot but we did manage to take a few snaps along the way.

By the roofing stage (day two) the kids had deserted me. This was to be expected, besides there was little help they could offer. Again, this is straightforward just a lot of nails to bang in… Tongue and groove complete. It starts to look like a cabin – Nice!

We went for the free shingles (green) which we thought would look better than felt. My husband had never laid shingles before found it to be not difficult. The only hassle is working on the roof and its angle. The shingles can be unforgiving on the knees.

The wood that was first treated with preservative now gets a “ten Year” guarantee undercoat from Sandtex.

Had to send the kids down the side of the cabin as it was a bit of a squeeze to paint. They had more paint on them than the cabin! What colour to paint it though?

We went for Bay Tree green, again by Sandtex (10yr) with a Grey Stone satin trim.
Two coats of each.

Wasn’t going to bother with guttering but its surprising the amount of water that comes off the roof, and we have had some rain as of late.

With the outside complete apart from a bit of paint for the guttering fixings it was time for the inside.

The electrics first. We had already run in some armoured cable when we done the base. This was now connected to an RCD consumer unit with a separate breaker for a ring main and a lighting radial circuit.

Treating inside the Ulrik Log Cabin

The electrics complete and certificated. The inside was stained with Ronseal 10-year Natural Oak in satin twice. Now it was time for the floor.

2 x 2 beams, insulation in-between and moisture resistant T & G flooring followed by a light oak effect laminate top.

The floor complete it was just kitting it out. Of course, the T.V went in first. The kids said we can’t get Netflix. So, I had to get a Wi-Fi extender that works a treat thank God.
A cheap sofa and chair from DFS, a small coffee table in the middle. The table under the T.V was made by my daughter whilst in her last year at school. Very nice – it has LED lighting as well ☺
A beer chiller (of course) and some blinds etc.

That’s my review over. Still some bits to do but almost there. Hope you enjoyed taking a look. It was a lot of work but very enjoyable and anyone can do it.

Have fun!!

Who could resist a helper as cute as the dog! Thank you to Mrs R for sending in this review filled with progress images, now that the WiFi has been sorted to reach the cabin, I can see myself spending hours in this Ulrik Log Cabin!

Looking for some more Log Cabin inspiration? You can find more reviews like this at: Tuin Pictorial Customer Reviews.

Is the Ulrik Log Cabin too big or too small for your garden? We have hundreds of Log Cabins in our range to choose from.