PVC Windows and Doors for Log Cabins

With the 2021 season just around the corner- Tuin will be introducing some new options on selected 70mm Log Cabins. PVC Windows and Doors are a hardwearing and virtually maintenance free alternative to standard glass windows and doors. These double layer 28mm glazed windows are an ideal alternative for those not looking for a high maintenance window set.

PVC Windows

PVC windows are also recognised for their thermal efficiency – Allowing you to save on heating costs during winter while staying cosy warm inside your cabin. Similar to double glazed windows, the windows are constructed using two panels of glass with a vacuum seal. Reducing the amount of heat that can pass through the gap and increasing its thermal efficiency.

PVC windows will pair great with roof and floor insulation for all year around use.

PVC Window Construction

While we are currently only offering PVC windows on certain 70mm Log Cabins. You can also chose to have PVC windows on your Bespoke Log Cabin, alongside this you may also select different colour variants for the window frame. Please note that coloured framed windows and doors will cost extra compared to standard white.

PVC Window Maintenance:

As mentioned earlier, PVC windows are known for their low maintenance and performance. However, to ensure the windows continue to work at their best efficiency, there is some actions you should take once or twice a year.

The main parts of PVC window and door maintenance is to lubricate the seals and fittings to ensure the elasticity and function. We recommend using a silicon oil for lubricating the seals. For the fixing we recommend to use a lubricant or oil that doesn’t contain any acids or waxes.

Please note that coloured framed windows may need maintenance twice a year.

For more information on our PVC Windows and Doors please read the following information PDFs.

PVC Windows and Door User Information

PVC Installation Manual

We are OPEN and still Delivering

As per the latest Government Guidance made at the beginning of the year, and as an online retailer we are still open and delivering across the UK.

We are currently working with little disruption and have taken the following steps:

  • All of our deliveries are carried our by our network of professional hauliers and is completely contactless.
  • All of our office and admin staff are working from home utilising our cloud systems.
  • We have minimal warehouse staff in the UK and Holland operating with maximum distance between each other and with great care.
  • Our Show Areas and premises are now closed to the general public.
  • We are no longer offering installations as a company. We are recommending self employed installers who follow the strict guidelines.

Please contact us if you require any further information.

Corfu Larch Gazebo Customer Installation

The Corfu Larch Gazebo measuring at 3.4m x 5.9m. Perfect for entertaining and being secure from the great British summers. Although you don’t have to take our word from it. Here is a written installation walkthrough and review given by Mr A.

Mr A writes as follows

We ordered the Corfu to cover our existing patio area in order to provide some summer shade.

I read the gazebo advice sections on the Tuin web page a number of times and felt comfortable taking on the build. There are many hints and tips shown which proved to be very useful. I already had a working platform which was put to good work, I purchased 2 clamps as much of the build was completed without assistance.
Having bought from Tuin previously I knew how the gazebo would be delivered and everything went smoothly, the delivery driver arrived on the agreed date, unloaded the pallet and placed it conveniently at the rear of our property using his pallet handler.

As expected, the provided instructions are basic, showing the component parts and their location in the structure, I spent time studying the diagram, sorting and checking the pieces.
I decided to lay 6 concrete pads for the upright legs as this would make it easy to adjust levels in our sloping garden. My footings are about 18” deep and were laid before a spell of bad weather which allowed the concrete pads to set (while covered) for 6 weeks.
To check my pad levels I placed the ring beam on the pads to ensure that the footings were level both longways and sideways.

Ensuring level post holders for the Gazebo

With assistance from my wife I built the initial frame as per the Tuin web instructions. This is where the clamps showed their use as the upright legs once joined to the beams become very awkward and heavy to manage. At this point I hadn’t bolted the post holders to the concrete as I wanted to be able to make minor adjustments when checking everything was square.
One of my end beams was twisted and slightly split. I contacted Tuin with some photos who reassured me that the beam was perfectly usable which turned out to be correct as the final structure is unaffected.

I chose to mount the support pieces inside the beam frame which I felt looked better and seemed less obtrusive. At this point I screwed the uprights to the post holders and secured them to the pads using suitable anchor bolts.

Corfu Support Structures

Installing the ridge beam took some time as I wanted to ensure that the ridge was level with the ring beam, at this point you realise how high the structure is going to be which also makes the handling and alignment tricky. Again, with my wife’s assistance we followed the Tuin web guidance and the roof started to take shape. Pieces of timber are tacked to the kingpins to help add support until the rafters are secured.

img src=”https://www.tuin.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Corfu-Review-Purlings-Install.jpg” alt=”Corfu Gazebo Ridge Beam” width=”2000″ height=”1126″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-9481″ />

Once further rafters are installed the structure becomes very stable and the support pieces are removed.

Corfu Roof Purlins Installation

Adding the roofing took the longest time of all the build, some of the planks were twisted but a couple of spares had been provided which I used. Following the Tuin web advice I managed to straighten some of the planks using my newly purchased clamps.
This is where my platform came into use as much of the roof was built from the inside with only the last few parts left to be added from above. I started from the bottom of the roof and worked my way towards the ridge, my alignment must have been off somewhere as I needed to shorten some of the planks.

Although not really necessary, I had some leftover underlay from another project which I used. To gain access to the top of the roof I used my ladders which were staked to the ground so that they could not slip.

We chose the grey shingle tile option which we are very happy with. The time I had spent aligning the roof ridge with the ring beam proved to be time well spent as the tiles aligned perfectly.

Corfu Gazebo Shingles

All that remains now is to add a gutter system which is why the tiles overhang the edge, box in the post holders and finish the groundwork around the patio.
Once the concrete pads were ready the build took me a week to finish, I’m sure this could be done quicker but I’m happy with this considering I was mostly working on my own. We are very happy with this gazebo and have already used it in the spring heatwave.

Thank you to Mr A for sending in this installation walkthrough of his Corfu Larch Gazebo. The ideal Gazebo for outdoor wine and dining.

Is the Corfu Gazebo not quite right for you? Explore our range of Wooden Gazebos.

Looking for some more garden inspiration? You can find more reviews like this at: Tuin Pictorial Customer Reviews.

Rummage Sale

Looking for a cheaper cabin? Currently, we have some cabins in our Rummage Sale. These cabins do have some defects and cannot be sold as new- Most are damp and dirty. But please read descriptions and look at the detailed images for each cabin listed.

These log cabins are listed at 20% lower than their offer price, a great deal for your next garden project. Here’s some notable listings in our Rummage Sale:

Ever Log Cabin Carport

Ever Log Cabin Carport Rummage

A very substantial and convenient carport. the Log Cabin Carport Ever. Made using 45mm wall logs and double glazing and featuring an integral storage shed.

This cabin has been listed as wet, mouldy and dirty with slight damage to some logs. Buy the Rummage Ever Log Cabin Carport for £2,943.19

Corfu Larch Gazebo

Corfu Larch Gazebo Rummage

The Corfu Larch Gazebo measuring 3.4 x 5.9m. Perfect for entertaining and being covered from the british weather. Desirable for its rich larch colouring.

This Gazebo has been listed as dirty, mouldy with a large number of weathered parts. Some parts also have some small damage.

Buy the Rummage Corfu Gazebo for £1,673.35

Viveka Log Cabin

Viveka Log Cabin Rummage

The Viveka Double Glazed log cabin in 45mm wall logs, it measures 5.0 x 5.0m with a double half glazed door offset and a opening window set to the side.

This cabin has been listed as wet, mouldy and dirty with a small number of weathered logs. Buy the Rummage Viveka Log Cabin for £4,140.44

These are just a few cabins available in our Rummage Sale. Only one available for each building and gazebo, unless specified otherwise.

Due to the extra low prices these cabins are going fast, buy now to secure your Rummage Buildings and Gazebos.

Clockhouse Log Cabin

The Clockhouse 45mm Log Cabin is a substansial Log Cabin measuring at 5.5m x 4m. Most customers will turn the Clockhouse into a home office, or temporary accomodation for guests.
This customer had other plans in mind, transforming their Clockhouse Log Cabin into their own sewing retreat. In this blog we will go through the number of images sent to us, showing their progress of installation to the finishing touches.

The earliest pictures shown features the roof installation, although, with the tongue and groove roof boards the process becomes easy after the first few are installed.

The next step is one that everyone will dread- Installing Log Cabin shingles is a monotonous task, but an essential one. With patience you can get a clean finish to your Log Cabin that really pulls the look together.
Note the smooth finish these customers have done at the peak of the roof, all of the shingles seem to be installed in a neat line. Giving the Clockhouse Log Cabin a professional finish.

With the shingles completed, the next part is what makes a Clockhouse Log Cabin distinct from the rest. The installation of the clock tower. Once the base of the clock tower is secured to the roof, you will be able to install the rest just as you would with roof boards. Finishing them off with more roof shingles.

Now that the Clockhouse Log Cabin is fully installed, it’s time to treat the cabin- The most important step for an install, these customers are making sure all areas are covered by removing the windows from the build while treating. This light grey is very popular in recent years- Ideal for when you still want the plants in your garden to have the spotlight.

Once the outside was treated, the inside was the next. Treating the inside of a Log Cabin isn’t a necessity, but it’s an idea for when you want a painted interior. These customers chose a white paint for the interior, a bright colour which will give the natural lighting a boost.

Now it was time for them to work on the interior, starting with insulating the Floor as well as Laying Flooring for the Log Cabin.
To start with, a damp proof membrane is laid down. Then, working out the floor joists and cutting them to size if required, while the joists are being laid you can also add the insulation of choice. Afterwards is then the laying/installing the flooring of choice.

Once the flooring is completed, these customers then added electrics and ventilation to their cabin. For more advice on adding electric to your Log Cabin, see our blog post on Electrics in Log Cabins.

With everything finished regarding the building of the Clockhouse Log Cabin, it was time to decorate. These customers transformed their cabin into a chic sewing room- Complete with a sewing station, fabric cutting table and mannequin ready for the various outfits and projects to come. Of course, there’s some sofas too- For when they need a break and a cuppa.

It’s always great to see some variety in how people use their Log Cabins. Thank you to these customers who sent all these pictures and more to show their progression.

Looking for a sewing room or a space for your hobbies? Learn more about the Clockhouse Log Cabin, alternatively you can take a look at our whole Log Cabin Range.

Home Office Log Cabin Guide

With the recent global situation, working from home has become the new normal. It sounds like a dream but adapting can become a challenge- Especially if you are used to being in an office environment but now working from the kitchen table with the children wanting to talk to you all day long. However, a lot of people are enjoying working from home- But there isn’t any space in your home to set up a new office space. Now may be the time to look in your garden for a new office space with our Log Cabins and Garden studios.

If you’re working for a company or running your own – Here are some solution ideas for you.

This Aiste Log Cabin is now the official workshop for this customers handmade glass decor business. Using a classic white to decorate the interior to allow their artwork to speak for themselves… Along with plenty of lighting to allow them to work effectively.

The Elin Garden Studio is unique but modern in design, the extensively glazed front allows plenty of natural light to flood the room. Measuring at 4.77m x 3.51m- These customers have found ample space to set up their crafting room- With space for fabrics, machines and more.

Similar to the Aiste above, this Justine Log Cabin has also been painted white. Complemented with black and white furnishings and some bright canvases- As shown, the Justine has ample space for a large office desk, perfect for those who use multiple monitors or devices.

I’ll always be a fan of this Blackpool Log Cabin. The contrasting mint green doors and window frames gives a peaceful vibe, ready for a smooth day at work. Complete with some comfy chairs and a bright rug- This Log Cabin is ideal for both an office and a summerhouse.

Now my favourite example of a customer who is taking advantage of their garden space- Saying goodbye to shopfront rent payments and hello to their own home business. This Shannon Log Cabin has been transformed into a rustic dog grooming cabin. Complete with plumbing and electrics so your pup can get the treatment they deserve.

Now it’s time for the technical aspects.. For a Log Cabin, we would recommend a log thickness of 40mm and above- Along with some Log Cabin Insulation to keep your office cosy all year round.

Don’t forget to consider some Log Cabin Extras to future-proof your new office, with guttering to keep water away from the wall logs. Air vents for ventilation and storm kits if you’re in a windy area. Along with a Timber Treatment of your choice.

Once your home office has been installed with no signs of leaks, it’s time to consider adding electrics. Before you can do anything you need to plan out where you want the electrics and sockets to be – Consider where you would like to put your desk and workstation and map it out. We recommend to hire a qualified electrician for this step, but you can learn more on our Electrics in Log Cabins page.

Alternative Log Cabin Bases

With the current situation we’re all facing, a lot of companies have stopped their work for landscaping and laying concrete bases. Understandable of course, but times like these are the best times for some DIY projects to keep you busy- Such as building a log cabin, which will definitely keep you busy for a few days at least.

In our Base Requirements for Log Cabins blog post, we cover some of the options for building a level base- Including the traditional timber frame base, concrete bases as well as our Timber frame base pads. But some customers can get creative with their base frames, take a look at this video.

Sent to us by our independent/recommended installer John Heard, this Ben Clockhouse Log Cabin has been installed on a raised base using rolled steel joists to make this mad but durable Log Cabin base.

This is to show you that you can get creative with your bases, so long as your base is level and safe enough to hold up your Log Cabin as well as the people inside- Creativity is your limit.