Buying a Log Cabin?

Buying a Log Cabin?  The bloomin’ things are everywhere aren’t they?  How the hell do you pick the right one for your money?  To make it really easy, or at least to get far more of an informed decision when considering your log cabin, here are a few questions you should ask a vendor:

To make it really easy simply copy and paste the below into an email and see what answers you receive.

Dear (insert vendor here)

I’m really interested in your log cabin (log cabin name or product number) could you please tell me the following?

  1. Where is the timber from used in the Log Cabin?  
  2. When was the timber harvested?
  3. What type of wood is it?
  4. What is the moisture content?
  5. What Relative Humidity level do you plan for?
  6. What connections are you using?
  7. What loading calculations do you use?
  8. Are the logs solid in it’s entire length?
  9. Are you using mixes?
  10. What is the age of the machinery used?
  11. How many tongues for each size of log?
  12. If the cabin uses finger joints, could you tell me the percentage?
  13. What is the roof boards made from?
  14. What is the thickness of the purlins
  15. Who is the manufacturer of the roof covering?


(insert your name)

Send us an email and see the responses we give, then compare it to those of other suppliers.

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We'd love your comments on this.....