Alternative Log Cabin Bases

With the current situation we’re all facing, a lot of companies have stopped their work for landscaping and laying concrete bases. Understandable of course, but times like these are the best times for some DIY projects to keep you busy- Such as building a log cabin, which will definitely keep you busy for a few days at least.

In our Base Requirements for Log Cabins blog post, we cover some of the options for building a level base- Including the traditional timber frame base, concrete bases as well as our Timber frame base pads. But some customers can get creative with their base frames, take a look at this video.

Sent to us by our independent/recommended installer John Heard, this Ben Clockhouse Log Cabin has been installed on a raised base using rolled steel joists to make this mad but durable Log Cabin base.

This is to show you that you can get creative with your bases, so long as your base is level and safe enough to hold up your Log Cabin as well as the people inside- Creativity is your limit.

One thought on “Alternative Log Cabin Bases

  1. Hi Megan,
    I used a concrete block very similar to these

    there are loads out there and easy to level up. we decided to use a base of crushed concrete (150mm thick) with these, they are on a bed or mortar. the wooden base supplied then slots nicely into the gaps on the blocks leaving a nice air gap underneath the cabin. I keep meaning to do a write up of the whole project,

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