A customer’s forum post

I’ve come across a forum that a customer of ours has posted to regarding his research and subsequent purchase of his log cabin from us.  It makes for entertaining reading.

He also has some very good pictures on their of the start and end of his project which maybe interesting to you if you are thinking about buying a log cabin.

His base pictures and write up are also quite interesting and you will find unfortunately that he made a mistake with his base and is a good lesson to learn from if you are making your own base for your log cabin. It also shows a very good way of getting out of a problem which could be useful when faced with a very unlevel base.

Please understand we cannot be held responsible for the content of this forum and that there are a few swear words in the content. It does make a very entertaining read though.

Customers Forum Post:  https://www.talkaudio.co.uk/ipb/index.php/topic/373957-talkdiy-the-shed-thread/

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