40/45mm Log Cabin Inspiration

At Tuin, we offer hundreds of Log Cabins as standard, these are also split up into various log thicknesses. Each with a certain use in mind.
This blog series will cover each log thickness we offer along with showing you how customers have put these customers to use.

Previously, we covered 28mm Log Cabin Inspiration. In this post we will cover 40mm and 45mm Log Cabins.

The 40/45mm Log Cabin category These are considerably more substantial than the 28mm thick log cabins which we offer. They have a far higher strength level and an increased rigidity, at this thickness they start to become a building you can use all year around with additions such as roof and floor insulation.

Aiste Log Cabin Pub

The Aiste Log Cabin is a customer favourite. Made from 40mm thick logs and double glazing, this 5m x 3m log cabin is most used for garden pubs and summerhouses.

Yorick Log Cabin Summerhouse

The Yorick Log Cabin is the ideal studio for your garden. Measuring at 5.0m x 3.80m, the front of the cabin is complete with large double glazed windows to let in natural lighting – Making the Yorick the ideal setting for a craft studio, garden office or summerhouse. Please note that the storage annexe is sold separately.

Justine Log Cabin Office

Measuring at 5m x 2.5m in 40mm logs, the Justine Log Cabin. The Justine is a popular choice to be used as a garden office, ideal for working from home. Make sure to add Log Cabin Insulation to ensure the cabin is suitable for all year around use.

Clockhouse Log Cabin

A classic style that everyone thinks of when they imagine what a log cabin should look like – This Clockhouse Log Cabin measures 5.5 x 4m and is constructed using 45mm interlocking wall logs. Perfect for a classic summerhouse, ideal in any garden setting.

This concludes the overview for 40/45mm Log Cabins, as shown, they are the ideal log thickness for summerhouses, garden pubs and temporary home offices.

Available in various styles and shapes. Take a look at our 45mm Log Cabins.

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