2015 Price Rises

Unfortunately we are due some rises, the normal ones that all companies in some way or other experience.

Sorry, price rises are on their way

Sorry, price rises are on their way

The ones we are looking at do combine to quite a bit:

  • Timber this at source is about 4%. Again, like last year the forests are too wet to get anything off successfully so that will push prices just a little bit more.
  • The demand is getting higher and the sellers can start to ask more for the product even though it is perhaps thinner and older.
  • There are a lot of bidders out there now and the highest will always win
  • The UK has a new Sulphur tax applied to the ferries, this now has a knock on effect.
  • We deliver with demountable forklifts so you do not have to unload. With new laws each moffett now has to have it’s own registration and insurance to drive on the road. This is pushing up prices. We could opt as others do – the customer unloads from a side of a lorry himself but we still hold out for good standards and ease for the customer.
  • Russia is our biggest problem. Hauliers used to be able to go in and out supplying their demand. With sanctions this has now stopped any the route is no longer viable or available. This is increasing haulage costs by nearly 30%. This will be the biggest rise for 2015.

My advice is to buy while the prices are still quite low, I do see 2015 increasing quite a bit, competitors have already raised their prices and we will too soon.

We have some offers live at the moment and these will change soon and without notice (regardless of the indicated date). Please do take advantage of them.

Please note price rises will take place during February, early March. Once the new prices take effect old ones will not be able to be carried forward or honoured at all.


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