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  Garden Verandas Aluminium Carports and Gazebos Apex Aluminium Carport 3.68m

Apex Aluminium Carport 3.68m

Apex Aluminium Carport 3.68m
Single Apex Carport Aluminium Single Apex Carport Aluminium Apex Carport/Gazebo Apex Carport Example - Solar roofing not supplied Apex Carport Example - Solar roofing not supplied Add these post supports to transform the look of this structure Single Carport Specifications - 500cm Carport Foundations Polycarbonate Roofing choices

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Cat No APX000111
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Apex Aluminium Carport 3.68m, Made from powder coated aluminium this carport can come in a range of sizes to suit with a depth up to 10m which makes it ideal for One vehicle. Extremely high quality with a number of design features that set it apart from any of it's competitors in Europe

One of the best features is the completely integral guttering and clean lines. The polycarbonate roofing material is embedded in rubber on four sides.  The columns arrive in lengths of 2.4m which allows an ajustable walk through height to suit.

Sizes Available as standard

  • 3.68m wide x 5m deep
  • 3.68m wide x 6m deep
  • 3.68m wide x 7m deep
  • 3.68m wide x 8m deep
  • 3.68m wide x 9m deep
  • 3.68m wide x 10m deep
  • Bespoke sizes possible with in these brackets.

Supporting Columns:

As standard this Carport comes with columns at a height of 2.4m. these can either be sunk into the ground or anchored above as required. 

  • 5m deep - 6 Posts
  • 6m deep - 6 Posts
  • 7m deep - 6 Posts
  • 8m deep - 6 Posts
  • 9m deep - 8 Posts
  • 10m deep - 8 Posts

Further additions can be made to these types of structures from our Aluminium Accessories. For example you may like an aluminium wall to partly shelter one or more of the sides.


  • Standard Internal Height 2.29m
  • Overall Width 3.68m
  • Internal Width 3356mm
  • Depth - 5m to 10m
  • Standard Ridge Height 2988mm
  • Roof Pitch of 15°


There are Four recomended options for securing the bottom of these columns, However the heavy duty versions will need to make up the bulk of the anchoring points with tolerance for only one concrete version each side for drainage if prefered.

  • Heavy Duty Corner, Perfect for the corner columns of your free standing structure with a cornered plate size of 20x20cm
  • Heavy Duty Middle, Ideal when being used with the corner version above and are limited on base size. This has a plate size of 20x10cm
  • Concrete foundation with a drain. Used to secure your columns with in the ground whilst also allowing drainage through an internal pipe which can be rigged to an existing/new drainage system or below ground gravel pit.
  • Adjustable concrete foundation, A below ground anchoring point which has plate on an adjustable thread for an above ground fixing, this can also be rigged up to accept drainage pipes if preferred.

The heavy duty versions feature a hole at the bottom which can be used for drainage, More often than not these anchors are fixed to a concrete slab below ground and covered over once in position. You could also cut your own holes in the side of the anchor/post to allow the water to filter out that way instead.

Roofing Material

  • As standard this Apex Carport comes with a polycarbonate roof. You can choose either Opal or clear at no extra charge.

As an option you can choose the following upgrades.

  • Relax Heat Reflecting.This is a milky white colour and restricts the heat, ideal for a South facing veranda.
  • IR Clear. A transparent, greenish colour also designed to keep a great deal of heat out. This polycarbonate and the one above reduces the heat by 8 - 11 degrees compared to the standard roofing material.


As standard you can select from one of Four colours:

  • RAL 9001 Cream - White
  • RAL 9016 Traffic White
  • RAL 7016 Textured Anthracite
  • RAL 9007 Grey Structured
  • Any colours from the RAL colour system can also be specified at an additional cost., Please Email us for a Quote


These carports are designed for DIY installation and come complete with drawings and a manual to follow. However please understand some cutting, drilling and DIY skills are required to install this veranda. Please see the instructional video found in our main Aluminium categoric which will give an indication as to what is involved

Full Services: 

We only supply as standard, if you require on site consultation and design please ask us for details of our specialist retailers who can advise you further and help with detailed drawings and a personalized service tailored to your requirements

Please note: These Aluminium structures are made to order which means they fall under our bespoke servce and terms, A 25% Non-refundable deposit will be required to process your order.



Approximate Delivery Time: 21 - 28 working days

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