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Aluminium Glass Veranda 2.5 x 10 m

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SOLD ON 15/3/2022

A top quality, German designed Aluminium veranda with 8mm glass roofing, this veranda is powder coated for longevity and is supplied in a single size here of 2.5m Deep x 10m in width

Available much quicker and at a reduced price due to an over stocking


SOLD ON 15/3/2022

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Concrete Foundation With Drainage:
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A top quality, German designed Aluminium veranda with 8mm glass roofing, this veranda is powder coated for longevity and is supplied in a single size here of 2.5m Deep x 10m in width

Available much quicker and at a reduced price due to an over ordering, Priced to clear

For more images of how these kits turn out, please also see the following.

This product is one of the best selling Glass Verandas in Europe and is growing in popularity in the UK. This is the same as our standard Polycarbonate verandas but has been strengthened to accept 8mm laminated glass.

Designed to be against a structural wall to protect your patio, furniture or windows from the weather. Manufactured and designed in Germany and conforms to their high standards with particular regard to snow loading with a glass roof veranda

Extremely high quality with a number of design features that set it apart from any of its competitors in Europe. One of the best features is the completely integral guttering and clean lines. The glass is embedded in rubber on four sides. The columns arrive in lengths of 2.4m however a walk through height of 2.1m is suggested.

Included in this standard veranda is the following:

  • 10 Years manufacturer warranty
  • Integrated aluminium gutter 3mm thick
  • 8mm laminated glass
  • Aluminium Cover Strips
  • Columns Supports of 240cm
  • Click Strips
  • Side Covers for gutter and wall profile
  • Aluminium condensation profiles
  • Mounting and fixing kit
  • Rubbers for vibration absorption
  • L profile
  • Anti-dust Tape
  • Aluminium tape
  • Drainpipe for water drainage 200cm
  • Leaf collector
  • Drill bits to assist in fitting
  • Full fitting instructions
  • Supplied in RAL9007 - Grey Structured
  • 5 frontal Columns/posts
  • Concrete Foundation Blocks
  • Drainage accessories

1. Heights:

The columns that come with this veranda are 2.40m. This is the maximum height of walk through you can have at the front of the veranda assuming the bottom of the post is set flush with the ground. The veranda will then slant upwards by 14cm for every 1m depth. The column can be cut as required to suit the height of fixing to the structural wall you require. The normal height of walkthrough is 2.10m with 0.30m being surplus, this can either be set in the ground or trimmed as required.

2. Colours:

The Aluminium is supplied in RAL9007 with clear glass roofing

3. Roofing Material

  • Designed and supplied with 8mm Laminated Glass.

4. Columns:

As standard this veranda comes with columns of 2.40m in height. The normal height we would set these at for the walk-through height is 2.10m. This leaves 0.30m that can be set into the ground or trimmed as required.

5. Foundations:

  • Concrete Foundation without a drain. This is a concrete post and is designed to be cemented into the ground, the columns then sits over this and is secured.
  • Concrete Foundation with a drain. Used to secure your columns within the ground whilst also allowing drainage through an internal pipe which can be rigged to an existing/new drainage system or below ground gravel pit.
  • Adjustable concrete foundation, A below ground anchoring point which has plate on an adjustable thread for an above ground fixing, this can also be rigged up to accept drainage pipes if preferred.

Polycarbonate Roofs:

Verandas up to 5m deep can be supplied to accept polycarbonate roofs at an extra cost, please visit our polycarbonate Verandas page.


The basic verandas are designed for DIY installation and come complete with drawings. However please understand some cutting, drilling and DIY skills are required to install this veranda. Please see the instructional video found in our main veranda category for an indication of what is involved.

Full Services:

If you require a veranda not specified or require curves, angles, steps with complete fitting and landscaping, or if you require on site consultation and design please contact us for details on our specialist veranda retailers.

Approximate Delivery Time: SOLD ON 15/3/2022
Standard Colours These are the standard colours we supply however we can offer bespoke RAL's if required, Please contact us for a quote
Concrete Foundation With Drainage A foundation type used to secure the posts of the veranda into the ground, The posts slot over the metal plates and drainage pipe allowing the water from the veranda to pass through the internal pipe work. The concrete block must be secured with post mix.
Drainage Sets Combined drainage accessories to help filter water to a desired location
Delivery Zones and costs Delivery is Free to most of the UK with the exception of a few highlighted areas, Please choose from the options below
Delivery Week

Delivery of our Aluminium garden Veranda range is 14 - 21 working days from the point of order, it is also free to most parts of the UK mainland. Delivery is made via a fully articulated lorry with a moffett forklift

For more details on delivery please see the following; TUIN DELIVERIES

An installers walkthrough of a Glass Roofed Veranda.

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£5,130.78 Total incl. VAT

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