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Zutphen Modern Log Cabin 4.98x2.98m

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Mr P Zajicek
Oct 23, 2018
Awful, don't be persuaded by the notes on their website. I bought a cheaper log cabin ten years ago and this time i thought i would get the best i could afford. Their website goes on about how good the wood is they use in their log cabins, whereas in realty, it's just as bent and warped as everyone else's. Their website video says not to use any nails/screws when putting together, BUT THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN DO THAT. The wood is so warped i had to put vertical bars all around to pull out the twists!
I bought a zutphen modern cabin and the instructions are nonexistent! Even the basic schematic is wrong (count the Logs!) I had no idea how to fit the windows (look at other people's photos).
Save your money and buy a cheaper log cabin From a UK company.
Mr. Alan Leslie
Jun 25, 2014
From the beginning of the purchese of log cabin their was a delay that I was told it was going to be available but then received email to say was delayed in Holland , I was willing to wait as this was the one I liked and looked a good size , was about 2 weeks delay and received the cabin pack whitch was delivered nice and neatly on my driveway we then carefully unpacked each piece and went off the list provided in pack as we looked at the assembly of the cabin was not an awful Lott of direction as to how you actually put it together to the example on what is provided ! Nevertheless we attempted it and started with foundation then we managed to get up to roof installation to find that the rafter beams were very warped and the profiled logs wire inadequate in measurement and had to be cut considerably to fit into place was very hard to get them to fit as we never expected them not to fit ! Also the doors beadin around glass in not the same size as the out side so when you look out looks uneven ? Also some of the logs and when I say some probably about 5 were warped and would not sit properly were in both sides but badly warped in middle so we followed advice as to were they get places from what is provided but apart from that have managed to get it all together roof and wooden floating floor and primed and painted , there was concern from me about the warped logs that don't sit as well as all the other logs and the doors look badly fitted as when you look out from inside the beading is bigger on outer side so that's a problem ? Have had to use flexible seal on the logs that were warped inside and out as no moisture can get in , to be honest it looks very nice and it's exactly what I wanted but there was quite a few faults that coursed problems and I was disappointed and feel that it was not good value when there is so many faults that we had to make do with when you have purchesed a new log cabin that you r extcited to make its just disappointing