Valery Log Cabin 2.45x2.45m

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Mrs. Diane Owens
Sep 24, 2021
The Valery cabin is superbly constructed. Easy to put together with good clear instructions. My only complaint is that I originally ordered the Gitte cabin, but my order was cancelled just a week or so before it arrived as the supplier could no longer fulfil the order!! This was an absolute disgrace and they no doubt could not/ eould not fo it any more due to the rising costs if timber, as the Gitte was well priced. We managed to adapt the Valery to look like the Gitte by adding front door windows to make it less of a hut than a cabin. I was very disappointed by how Tuin dealt with the matter, simply stating their apologies by phone, saying it could no longer be fulfilled. Apologies only go so far. My base was down ready and waiting- very little options left to me as an unusual size 8footx8foot. The Valery, which I did not like as much, was the only possible choice. Better guarantees perhaps need to be sought.
Tuin reply: Thank you for taking the time to leave this feedback and we really do understand the disappointment cased by the previous cancellation, Sadly we really didn't have any choice with the global timber shortages causing many of our factories to close shop and stop production. all we could do is apologise and help find an alternative.