Ultramodern Flat Roof Log Cabin 3.2x2.6m

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Mr. Oliver Richards
May 2, 2019
Brilliant value.
Brilliant quality.
Very very happy with the end result.
Would recommend to anyone.
Oct 29, 2018
This log cabin is great product. Ordering and delivery was hassle-free, clear and complete. All pieces were cut precisely and fit together really easily. My only issues: 1- The composite base planks were only 3m long, so for the 3.20 side I needed to cut an extra piece. 2- Installation instructions for roof, parapet and EPDM were not very clear. I installed the parapet before EPDM, that I now think was the wrong way. I hope EPDM holds up a few years anyway. This issues are not very big problems, especially for an experienced installer. Overall very happy with my purchase.
Peter Branson
Apr 19, 2018
The log cabin arrived exactly as promised. I was eager to get the cabin built and despite the bad weather made a good start over the next couple of days. It all went together so well and within a week the main structure was complete. The EPDM butyl roofing fitted perfectly. The cabin looks really stylish in the garden. I've almost finished the painting and soon I'll be fitting in out as my office for my and control centre for my observatory! An excellent product.
Mr. Tashan Khan
Jan 25, 2015
The item was good,although there were a few small things wrong/ couple of tiles short/rusty window fittings, and ill fitting door, and a few damaged pieces of wood, but the service is good. they sent me some more tiles, but I could not wait for the other bits,as I had already built the shed. Overall they are a good company, and I would recommend them to others.
Mr. Colin Conway
Dec 19, 2014
Overall, very pleased with the cabin. Solid & excellent quality wood.

However, a couple of pieces missing, which was overcome, as a builder/joiner was assembling the cabin.

Plus, slightly more detailed instructions would be helpful.

Roofing felt quite thin compared to quality of other components.