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Tuin Fitting Service Per Day

Tuin Fitting Service Per Day
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Up to 2 - 3 weeks after Delivery

We offer limited fitting on our log cabins, gazebos, carports, verandas etc. The prices does vary according to the size of the product and location. This service is also available for other manufacturers and suppliers products.

Self Employed Installers and their Fitting Services we recommend

Most customers will use our recommended self employed installers. We maintain a list of recommended installers who are self employed, some are free from VAT. General consumers will opt for this. The installers list is passed on to serious enquiries and at point of order to enable you to contact them for a quote. 

Fuel Charge from NR15 Per Day:
List Building or Fitting Requirement:
£828.00  incl. VAT 

As a company we offer limited fitting on our log cabins, gazebos, carports, verandas, Larch buildings and many other structures. The prices do vary according to the size of the product, the type of product and the location.  This service is also available for other manufacturers and suppliers products.

Customers mainly use this service for the gazebos, log cabins, verandas and Larch when they wish for a contract to be with only one company, this is usually used by companies, councils, schools etc.

Self Employed Installers and their Fitting Services.

As an alternative to our own installation service we offer a recommended list of self employed installers who can carry out the installation for you. Some also offer additional services such as bases, insulation, laminate flooring, modifications to design and electrics.

All guarantees remain when using one of our 'Highly Recommended' installers

The installers list is passed on to serious enquiries and at point of order to enable you to contact them for a quote and to discuss additional services that we cannot offer.

Most self employed fitters are about £250 per day, per man (team of two) plus traveling.

Our top recommended self employed installation team is headed by Philip: Log Cabin Fitting

Tuin Fitting Service

Please contact us for a full quote with your location and product details you are considering using our own Tuin Service before placing an order online.

Generally a log cabin less than 3m x 3m is a one day fit, above this is two - three. Multi-room, Pyramid roof log cabins can be two - three days with our biggest models such as the Edelweiss and Berlin being four - five days. Depending on the size a gazebo is either a one day or a two day fit. Verandas are mainly a two day fit. Larch buildings are considerably longer depending whether insulation and lining is required.

The price shown is based on a one day fit within a 50 mile radius of our main office in NR15 for a two man expert team employed from Tuin.

Fuel charges can be selected from the drop down selector for further distances up to 200 miles from our location. Distances and fits further than this are on application.

Our Tuin Fitting Service includes:

  • Fitting of your chosen product as soon after it has been delivered as possible. We will do our best to arrange it as quickly as possible however we do allow 15 working days from the day it has been delivered.
  • On Site consultation at the beginning of the fit to discuss location and positioning of doors and windows.
  • Correct installation as per our recommendations.
  • Fitting of felt shingles and floor when supplied. Customer will often undertake this to reduce the fit time to one in the case of larger buildings.
  • Handover and care advice following installation.

If you would like to use our Tuin fitting service the following conditions must be met:

  • The package is no further than 100m from the fitting site.
  • A flat and level base built to our recommendations only.
  • Clear and unobstructed access including no sharp turns and overhead obstructions.
  • A clear working area of 1.20m from the leading edge of any roof. In the case of the apex this needs to be 0.60m.
  • A clear area to lay out component parts prior to fitting.
  • Whilst our fitters are extremely careful, no responsibility is accepted for damage to grass or boarders in the vicinity of the fit and the route to it.
  • Other than the initial discussion and handover the site must be cleared of all people, animals and children. The fitters need to work unhindered. This includes discussions and questions during the fit.
  • Legal parking at the front or on the property for a large van.
  • Access to water, electricity and toilet facilities on site for the fitters.
  • In the case of verandas: This is a basic fit service. No groundwork will be undertaken other than digging in foundations. Alterations such a planeing a wall straight, re-routing of guttering etc is not included.

Our Tuin Fitting Service does NOT encompass:

  • Base laying other than timber frame bases which are available as a separate service and by arrangement.
  • Electrical work or related services.
  • Treatment of the timber.
  • Any other work not related directly with the fit.
  • Clearing / removal of any pallets, offcut timber, spare logs shingles wastage or packaging. These waste products will of course be left safe and tidy for your own disposal.

Please ask us for a quote for your chosen product using our own company Tuin Fitting Service. 

Other fitting services, adaptations, extra value such as insulating, lining, timber bases etc are available on application.

Tuin Fitting NOTE:

The correct base is vitally important to the longevity of the build. Please try to have a base that is 100% straight and level. If it is too far out of level then we will not be able to install for you. If we have to abort a fit because of the base will will unfortunately have to charge you for the aborted day. Please try to ensure your base is within +-10mm across the width and depth to avoid any problems with the install and the future performance of your building.

Self Installation Details:

If you would like to install yourself we offer a highly supportive helpline. We offer numerous articles on installation and help files and even offer an out of hours service should you need it during your install.

Approximate Delivery Time: Up to 2 - 3 weeks after Delivery
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Average customer rating:
7 Reviews  

5 Most recent customer reviews (see all reviews):
Linda Kobayashi
Mar 7, 2021
The head fitter came with two helpers and put up my Aiste log cabin with annex shed in a day. Can’t tell you how happy we are with it. Such a great job done! Well worth it . Thankyou so much Tuin
Stephen Arrowsmith
Apr 18, 2020
Two off Tuin's Fitters came on time and built the Rose Cabin in a day. The weather was very changeable, Sunny Rain occasional wind. Bit expensive but you do get what you pay for. Excellent service and attention to detail.
Oct 2, 2019
Darren and Stuart. Great quality work, well priced and decent blokes. As cabin assembly is their business they know this assembly so they build my Zupthen well within the day. Darren likes one sugar in his tea, Stuart, two.
May 23, 2018
Philip and his team did a good job of installing the cabin making it look easy in about a day and a half. before the install they will advise you of any extras you might need i.e i opted for insulation and damp proof membrane both of which the team were happy to install but required my to get some longer nails and extra batten etc. no doubt a much faster and better finish that trying to do it myself.
Apr 9, 2018
My Justine log cabin was just completed today and very happy from initial contact with Tuin to installation
A special mention to Tuins recommended installer for Scotland called Ian Grant.
Punctual, very professional and a gentleman to deal with

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