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We have a limited range of tree seats which is made up of four models catering for budget and style requirements.  The entry level and most popular one is the pressure treated hexagonal tree seat.  Next is a hardwood model in the normal hexagonal shape with superb workmanship and detail.

The top of the range tree seat is the circular one, absolutely lovely and a perfect circle is formed around your tree, no more sharp edges against your leg, true luxury, style and elegance.

But, for something different how about a Rattan version, fancy a comfy sofa around your tree for a very modern twist.

TuinDeco is a responsible supplier and is FSC and regulated for it's Timber.  Please see our About Page for more details:


Tree seat
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Hexagonal treeseat made from tanalised Timber to ensure you enjoy this tree seat for years.  It has a diameter of 87cm internally and 185cm at the outside.  The bench can also be used as two halfs to sit against walls with perhaps a planter.

Price: £407.11 Save £82.20