Tourist Open Gazebo 3.4x3.4m

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Chris Wyatt
Apr 21, 2021
Excellent looking sturdy Gazebo, only improvement might be option of longer supports to allow them to be concreted in rather than use metal post holders , my landscapers who built it prefer concreting in posts.
C lee
Apr 12, 2021
Excellent gazebo, we paid to have it erected which we were glad of. There are a lot of parts! Good communication re delivery. Recommend you buy a finial to finish off the top where tiles meet. Great service would certainly buy from Tuin again.
Robert Brown
Oct 9, 2019
Great delivery with good communication. The kit is as described. You need some carpenter skills along with the ability to get things square. I found the most trying part of the build was the roof I built mine from the top down but I still had to climb onto the roof to finish the job. Overall the finish is very good and I am proud of the gazebo. The ground it is built on slopes so completed the job with decking. The reason for the four stars is that some of the roofing boards were warped and difficult to fit. When fitting the shingles take care in keeping them level. Overall an excellent kit, excellent customer care, pity about the roof boards.
Mr. Colin Elliott
Jul 29, 2019
An excellent product, I think that it would be better if it had “pre drilled” holes this would make it easier to construct and also the plans are quite vague, I had to keep looking at the website to get the information required (as a little example I actually put the centre spindle on upside down) that said the product looks fantastic
Mr. Gino Brand
Aug 26, 2017
Overall a very good product, very solid and very attractive. I am an accountant by trade and not practical at all. I built this gazebo mainly by myself, but had help from my nephew to get the roof supports on. It took me about 5 days including putting the shingles on, but would take 2 people much much less than half the time. My only tip would be to consider fitting the shingles as you fit the roof. This is the opposite to most of the online instructions which show the fitting to a completed roof from the bottom up. The supplied instructions are very basic which I liked. Its all a bit this is where everything fits you decide how to put it together. It's still standing a week after I put it up and that is pretty remarkable for me. It looks fantastic and the shingles make for a great finish. The delivery was made on the wrong day (when I was away) which proved incredibly inconvenient. But otherwise the service was pain free.
Chrissy Craycraft
May 11, 2016
The gazebo is of good quality, however, it could of done with some additional rafters which we put in ourselves as it stops the roof bending and warping and being flimsy. Instructions not great and did it our own way with a lot of help from a family carpenter. It is solid and well worth the money though.
Dave Smith
May 4, 2014
The delivery was first class. We have an awkward uphill driveway but the driver manoeuvred his fork lift with skill and deposited the parts just where I wanted them.
The quality of the timber is first class with just a small amount of warping on some of the longer roof timbers.
You do need some basic DIY skills and tools to put the gazebo together and the instructions are pretty rudimentary and not that helpful. The staff at Tuin though responded to my queries very quickly and gave excellent advice.
It definitely helps to have two people for the initial stages until you get the frame erected and screwed together. We did have to cut notches in two timbers to make it fit but it was not difficult.
Once the frame is up it is possible to fit the roof alone but again you do need to trim some of the boards as you go along. The blog on how to attach the shingles was very helpful.
Once it was finished it looked really good and is very sturdy. I have no qualms about this gazebo being blown away in a gale as my previous one was.

I would certainly recommend this to anyone who wants a permanent, good looking, long lasting gazebo.
Eric Ferguson
Jul 29, 2013
Very pleased with the service overall and with this Gazebo which makes an attractive addition to my garden. Just one criticism; some of the roofing boards were warped/uneven and this has caused some of the roofing shingles to lie less evenly, which somewhat mars the appearance of the roof.