Torkel Log Cabin with Gazebo 7.00 x 4.20m - Double Glazed

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Mr. Barry Reid
Jul 13, 2021
Fabulous cabin , easy to install and very good standard.
Sandra Docherty
Jul 13, 2020
The one star is for the abysmal customer experience I have tried to contact so many times before and after buying this cabin because of order issues and parts missing from my order still no one has seen fit to contact me to resolve my problems. Surely when you make an order you should be afforded some attention to ensure your happy with what you’ve ordered and received, I will definitely not recommend this company to anyone.
John R
Mar 11, 2019
After putting in a sturdy level decking base supported on 12 two foot sunk posts, I built the Torkel on top in around 2-3 weeks. YES Weeks!!
Took 2 days to move all the wood 100 metres up a long path to our back garden from the road side delivery (over 1.7 tonnes), and best part of 3 solid days painting all the various bits with 2 coats of protection.Another day laying out all the bits and crossing them off the inventory list and labelling them in piles. I used Cuprinol which I WISH I had not used as it prevented the tongue and grooves fully seating together. Use Sikkens or Sadolin instead.
Had a few hairy moment with the gable ends toppling in whilst fitting the long SR6 top roof beam.
It is not a 4 day job believe me . Use help and a temporary scaffold if you dont want to end up in hospital. I learned a few new swear words and lost 5kgs in weight. I enjoyed fitting the shingles quite therapeutic again wear non slip shoes when up on the roof and it is now looking great all finished off with wood stained flooring with Cellopex floor insulation and with a little bit of hammer persuasion managed to fit albeit a little off pitch the various roof beams and panels and doors.
Electrics all sorted with some friendly neighbourhood help and our 16 yr old has had 5 friends of hers staked out in the cabin these past few weekends.
Very hard work but really proud to have built it ourselves. Check for any planning permission first.
Tuin are a good company with a wealth of experience to call upon. However the paper manual enclosed was a little too general and not as specific for the model as I would have liked.
Would I do it again .....NO but would love to help someone out and advise them of the pitfalls along the way. It should be on everyones bucket list to build a shed or cabin.
William Router
Mar 15, 2017
When you read so many excellent reviews you can't but question whether the product is a good as people say but believe me the quality is even better than I ever expected. Even my sceptical builder and other contractors have been amazed at the building. The Torkel is an outstanding cabin, with great poise and of very high quality. Don't rush construction and enlist some help. The Torkel deserves to be erected properly and you won't be disappointed in any way, I assure you!
Dean Shields
Dec 28, 2016
The Cabin took about 4 days to completely install but the finished product looks fabulous. The shingle roof was a bit of a nightmare taking more time than expected but the rest of the installation was fairly straight forward once we got the hang of it. Extremely happy with the finished product and can't wait to get the hot tub filled and start using it.
Mr. Paul Knowland
Oct 20, 2016
This is just great and provides the work room I needed