Embadecor Timber Stain

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Janet West
Oct 28, 2021
Lovely colour and easy to apply
Dave Barnes
Oct 19, 2021
I bought some of these for my recently installed Tuin cabin.
Now, it's not cheap, but it does work well. It goes on VERY easily, more like an oil than a paint, so much quicker to apply than I thought. I managed to cover my 4.5x2.5m Maria Cabin in half a day without much of an issue, except possibly around the windows, as an oil it does drip on the windows much more than a paint would. It wipes off easily when its still wet though.
The colour I bought was a bit more yellow than I thought it would be, I went for light pine, but hopefully that will tone down with a few months of winter weather.
Steven Ryder
Jan 27, 2020
I purchased 4 tins of the Walnut Embedecor stain this was to stain my newly purchased Daniel Cabin the product is well sealed but a bit of a nightmare to get the lid of which took several attempts to remove the stain is very thin and gives very good coverage and gives a very nice finish the biggest issue is the length of time it takes to dry around 24 hrs I gave all the timbers including the tongue and groove at least two coats then assembled the cabin I would highly recommend doing this as the timber have not moved or expanded one little bit I am really happy about this also once one coat is applied the next coat goes on really easy would recommend this product having to order two at one time is a pain as we have used nearly all of ours but we want one tin for future upkeep of our cabin.
Mr. Stanley Hilton
Oct 12, 2018
Very easy to use& has a distinctive odour, with each extra coat you see the build up of the protection. Log ends & joints soak up quite an amount & if proof is needed how it soaks into the wood we have a few places where the stain has come through to the inside of the summerhouse (mainly in knot areas). I will most likely use the Tuin paint for the inside of the doors & windows.