Summertime Log Cabin 4.0x3.0m in 34mm logs

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Mr. Matt W
Oct 6, 2015
Very nice cabin, well finished and easy to assemble. My delivery had sustained some damage to the main purlin (and minor damage to a couple of other pieces). Tuin staff were very helpful, but I couldn't wait for a new piece to be delivered.

My only real criticism is that the top log on each of the sides (not gable walls) has tounge and groove profile cut in it, meaning that the roof boards don't fit too well. It would be better planed down at the roof angle. This has resulted in some gaps in the corners of the cabin, which I'll either fill, or leave for air circulation. I'm just worried about inviting wasps.

The free shingles really finish the cabin off well, and are easy to install.
Mr. Alan Wilson
May 16, 2014
This may be a confusing review as I have a lot of positives and a few negatives. First the positives: The log cabin is of exceptional quality, its robust and the pieces go together really well. The product is exceptionally well packaged. I cant believe the whole cabin was in such a small package.
Bad points: I was emailed to advised that the cabin would be delivered at some point during the following week. We had people organised to help us build it the following weekend. I received a phone call from the courier on the friday of the week it was meant to be delivered to advise it would be delivered the next week. Turns out the cabin had not even been picked up from Tuin until that Friday so there was no way it could have been delivered on time. I have no issues with the fact it was a later delivery, my complaint is i was not made aware of the delivery problem until the 11th hour.
Eric Dewsnap
Apr 20, 2014
Good value for money