Storm Kit for Log Cabins

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Mr. chris lunt
Mar 25, 2021
Hopefully we wont be testing them, they look fine and give us piece of mind.
Julian Walters
Dec 12, 2019
Essential piece of kit and well made by the looks of things. Easy to install, however for this price I would have thought some washers would have been included with this.
Aug 28, 2015
Tuin has a poor logistics department. Everything they have sent has gone to the wrong address and had to be re-ordered. It is either wrong/damaged/incomplete, this means it has to be re-ordered then sent to a wrong address etc. This happened for the composite foundation beams, the finial, the ball, and this product missing a necessary bolt. I've also found it's short of a washer but have given up the ghost and used my own stock. Otherwise when it arrives complete and in order their products are good!