Spray Coating of Timber Products

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James Jack
Apr 30, 2018
Very good coating that gives me lots of confidence to not have to rush my final topcoating. Very pleased that my cabin is partially protected right from the first assembly.
Mr. Roger Saxton
Jul 2, 2017
Decided to have Log Cabin sprayed due to restricted access after building. Additional delivery time not really a problem to me. Delighted with finish and both inside and outside painted saved me time and effort. It should be noted that the roof panels are not painted but easy enough to finish when built. Re-assured it is well protected. Good value for money in my opinion.
Tim Stamp
Oct 2, 2016
Although the lead time for the spray coating takes a while, it is well worth it. The spray coating protects both the inside and the outside of the cabin, and saved me a lot of time and effort in applying that initial protective base coat.