Skyler Log Cabin 5x3.2m

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Mr. Kevin Goymer
Jan 17, 2022
We purchased the Skyler 5m x 3.2m cabin…
We purchased the Skyler 5m x 3.2m cabin and found it to be good value. Someone with decent DIY skills can erect this themselves but you do need an extra pair of hands. The advice about the base being level is vital because we were slightly out and needed to use some packing to level the cabin because the double doors wouldn't line up, (that's where the decent DIY skills come in to play) knowing how to get out of trouble and put this right. The only criticism I have is the plan provided is for any cabin and not specific but having erected a similar cabin before it was not too much of a challenge but probably would be for a first timer or someone with limited skills. Overall we are very happy with the cabin.
Dave Smith
May 4, 2021
1. delivery driver was great
2. I have literally zero DIY skills and I built mine with my 2 sons (15 & 13) helping out occasionally and built it in around 20 hours (so far)
3. solidly built, looks amazing

1. Instructions are poor
2. some of the beams are warped and mean there are gaps dotted around the frame
3. The shingles are a pain to fit (and precarious) but look great. The roof does take your weight (I'm 85kg).

The door hanging is still to be done.
The floor option I took aren't cut to size - you have to cut half of them, don't know why when the interior dimensions are known.
The door swung open yesterday and smashed my window.

Mr. David Plitsch
May 16, 2016
Delivery was prompt and the driver was very pleasant. The cabin was delivered in a double sealed black heavy duty plastic cover, we thought at first that we hand not received all the parts as it was only a small package, but they pack it in the most practical way. All the parts were as per the itemised delivery note including the black shingles. I have never built anything in my life and thought it would be very hard to erect, but myself and two cousins (girls) built it in two days. We had a level cement base made two weeks prior to erecting the Skyler. The instructions that came with the cabin were a bit hard to follow, so we kept referring back to the advice on the Tuin website. The shingles were easy to lay, I would suggest using a good bonding glue to stick them down if you live in exposed areas. We are very pleased with our cabin and are looking forward to using it in the summer and winter. I would recommend using Tuin and I will certainly use them again in the future.