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Mr. Paul Tunaley
Jun 6, 2017
Overall, the hut was good; packaged well and with no parts missing. Some of the tongue and grooved timber was slightly damaged but with careful construction this damage was hidden. Construction was relatively easy but the instruction booklet contained many errors including measurement errors. The Torx bits sent with the screws were not up to the job and the screws provided were not of very good quality. However, with a little imagination and a few extra tools and screws it all worked out well and the whole construction was completed by two people in 4 days.
Mr. Ernest Craggs
Sep 15, 2016
The hut was delivered by a very competent driver right to our yard. It took a lot to sort out the many parts but it was worth it. Could do with better instructions and better quality roof felt.
I decided to paint the sections before assembly and there is a lot of hours in this task but makes for a better job.
I was building onto a subframe so didn't require wheels.
The final assembly takes quite a bit of time, especially the roof.
It was all worth the effort as it has turned out very well with insulation, electrics, and internal plywood panels.
I only made one mistake which isn't noticeable unless you know.
Really pleased with the final finish, it is being used as a craft studio by my wife. She's delighted with it.
I shall be installing a corrugated roof because where I live is very exposed and over winter we will see some storm force winds.
I have pictures of the inside and outside that will show what a nice job it is and will email to Tuin separately.
Good value for the product.
Not enough screws supplied where it shows screws to be used and I've used screws instead of nails.