See Through Wall For Gazebos or Log Cabins 3m

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Mr. Scott Jackson
Jun 27, 2021
The wall covers are excellent and really stop the wind and give a bit shelter. I like how you can see through them and they look great when fitted. The only downside issues are the buttons are a bit stiff and you need to measure and cut them carefully. We made a seam and sowed them and it worked great.
Mr. John Sheppard
Dec 2, 2019
The see through walls are good quality and certainly reduce wind and rain whilst still allowing some visibility.
My biggest gripe with these curtains is that Tuin written instructions are not provided other than on the website. Video explanation is poor and despite contacting customer service for help and clarification, I believe one has to improvise to get secure and effective clip /fastener closure.
I have 3 curtains so far and will probably purchase more but I do not think the new screws/ clips used are fully compatible.
As mentioned on other reviews, adding a 20mm electrical conduit to the base of the curtain allows one person to roll up the curtain.