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See Through Wall For Gazebos or Log Cabins 3m

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Mr. Justyn Clements
Sep 5, 2019
I purchased this with my gazebo and it adds privacy fantastic.
Mr. IAN Mackenzie
Jan 7, 2019
Great item, ordering was hassle free and item arrived in good time and many thanks for sending out some spares foc.
Many thanks
Mr. Allan Mcleod
Dec 20, 2018
Bought 4 sides to complete the gazebo. Some minor head scratching on placing first side but after that its a simple process. As recommended in other reviews I placed black electrical pipe in the bottom of the mesh to give it some rigidity. They certainly look the part and can't wait to utilise them once temperatures improve.
Worth the cost? I looked around and was looking at making own with similar materials but once I added the costs of components it wasn't worth the effort so bought from Tuin. I have no complaints.
Mr. Geoff Taylor
Oct 23, 2018
The see through wall appear to be an excellent idea. I have not been able to put them up since the Gazebo has not yet been completed due, in my opinion, to poor instructions. Whereas I have tried to look after the items, I am disappointed that some of the attachments have fallen off. Looking forward to enjoying them next year when they are erected; they look good and I have no regrets in ordering them.
Mrs. Gayle Cannon
Oct 13, 2018
We are very pleased with our gazebo screens, they are amazing, great for privacy, and keeps the sun and wind out, just what we are looking for and simple to put up!
adrian wilcox
Sep 9, 2018
excellent product.
very pleased
Leanne Fletcher
Sep 5, 2018
Overall this is a really good product. It does the job it's intended to do perfectly and looks really classy. It was a bit of a faff to work out how to attach the side clips and the video was little help really. The photos also totally contradicted each other. The pieces didn't seem to fit together as you would expect and we needed to file the eyes down to fit over the noggins.

It would have been a far quicker job with better instructions. We've taken the advice of other reviewers and added a length of conduit to the bottom of each panel, to assist it hanging straight and for rolling up purposes.

As I said, it looks great, really pleased with the finished product, just took a lot of guess work to sort it out.
brendan joynt
Aug 17, 2018
Very impressed with your service . From ordering to delivery was very smooth.
you do need to take your time measuring the see through wall sheet , overall good design , if one thing i would change is the hangers when rolled up, there should be more. I have recommended tuin to a number of my friends now.
marsha hemingway
Jul 26, 2018
well one year on and I am still pleased with the blinds, they roll up and down easily. I hemmed and weighted both of them to cope with the wind better - two open sides on my summer house.
Mr. Richard Graham
Jul 25, 2018
Bought two of these for our Mitch Log cabin Gazebo.
Very good quality and make the Gazebo even more usable by keeping out the majority of rain, wind, sun, leaves, etc. whilst still providing a clear view out.
Would definitely recommend.
There was more than enough excess material (given some DIY skills and a sewing machine) to make up a 3rd blind for the doorway but rather disappointed that Tuin would not supply half a dozen additional fasteners so had to source alternatives to complete the job.
As per another customer suggestion would also recommend stitching a baton (or plastic conduit) to the bottom to aid rolling them up.
Tony Bosustow
May 18, 2018
An excellent high quality product that I would highly recommend. It is very sturdy and does what it says on the description.
Mr. Neil Morris
Apr 14, 2018
Bought two of these for our Mitch Log cabin that houses a hot tub. Easy to fit with my limited DIY skills and makes it feel a bit cosier inside when up against the uk weather. Highly recommended.
Mr. mark avis
Mar 19, 2018
The see through wall seemed a bit expensive but after looking around on the internet this product does not seem to exist anywhere else.
Now i have them i do not regret at all as they really help to keep out the winter wind and rain.They will also reduce any bright sunshine.
Also very easy to put up
Kevin Neish
Feb 2, 2018
Brilliant screen slightly bemused at the sizing as I will require to buy another as one is not enough to cover one side of my Samos so will have to trim them both to give me the whole side cover so a bit of waste which with the price is a bit of a waste of cash but will not stop me buying a second one as it really compliments our Larch wood Gazebo
Mrs. Jean Turnbull
Dec 19, 2017
Very pleased with our curtain keeps out wind rain and snow whilst not spoiling the view into the garden would certainly recommend also great service and delivery
Mr. Pat Leason
Jul 17, 2017
Great product, protects the outdoor space on our gazebo from wind and rain and helps to keep the heat from our heat lamp on us and not dispersed! Would recommend this product, thanks
Andrew Dickie
Jul 3, 2017
The See Through Walls for Gazebos are a great addition to our Larch Gazebo and work very well to reduce wind, rain and sun into the Gazebo.
Instruction video was good but not clear enough on how the clips and fastenings attach to the mesh wall, but an email to the team at Tuin soon sorted the issue and we are all good now
Mr. Royce Goldsmith
Jun 3, 2017
I bought two of the see through walls for my gazebo and as long as you have two people to fit them and take a bit of time and care the end result is good. They are quite well made and I added a wooden pole which is stapled to the bottom and makes rolling them up for one person a whole lot easier. They look good and give shelter from the elements while allowing light in.
Mr. Steve Chaplin
May 19, 2017
Purchased two of these see through walls for our Georg log cabin .Easy to fit and we'll worth the expense. The only problem I came across was because of the length you would need two people to roll each screen up.I overcame this by attaching a length of 20mm black plastic conduit to the bottom of each screen. Problem solved.
Mr. Stanley Graham
Apr 27, 2017
Really impressed with the product really does cut down the wind chill.Ordered the product it was delivered within two day
Keep up the good work Tuin
Mr. Damian Lawlor
Sep 1, 2016
Not fitted yet as the product hasn't come with any clasps to fit to each side, I have just noticed this, everything else has been fine so this will be easily sorted by Tuin.
Mr. Adrian Goldthorpe
May 25, 2016
Delivered as promissed.
A new company to do business with
Mrs. Pamela Kerrigan
May 11, 2016
Prompt and cheerful delivery, the package was damaged and the driver took a photo of same and explained what my options were. the damage was cosmetic so no problems. we followed the video instructions and have started installation and have noticed a reduction of wind strength in our gazebo. very simple to install thank you again
Mr. Alan Ambridge
Feb 28, 2016
This excellent product is perfect for use as a wind break under our 5 x 3 sliding awning. Here in Spain w get Tramontana wind and this screen wall makes sitting out much more comfortable when the wind is up.