Pressure Treated Profiled Foundation Beams

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Mr. KISHOR Kholia
Apr 15, 2023
Quick free delivery with best customer service.
Mr. Philip Thrussell
Aug 26, 2017
I found these profiled beams easy to use and being 9cm wide they allow for a bit of adjustment when squaring up the cabin.Be aware that they will put your building over 2.5 m high, if your neighbours are extra keen with the tape measure . Ours called the planning department and we got a visit! Luckily we were waived the need for retrospective planning as we had only strayed a few centimetres over.
Mr. Jay Nicholson
May 29, 2017
Really happy with these foundation beams. My initial plan was to use flat timber but once I found these profiled beams there was no alternative. I did consider creating my own but it simply was not economic to do so, especially as they are pressure treated. Hopefully it will extend the life of the summer house.
Mr. Steve Coetzer
Apr 27, 2016
These Profiled Foundation Beams are definitely worth the extra investment. We purchased the Tuin Emma corner log cabin, which, was supplied with the standard foundation beams however at the time of ordering I was offered the option of Profiled Foundation Beams. I started the assembly on these and very quickly realized that it would look so much better on the Profiled Foundation Beams. I placed the order for these on line and they arrived very quickly. These just finish off the Emma Log Cabin. My only recommendation is if you are thinking of using them with the Emma Log Cabin order 5 then there is no joining required at the door......Very satisfied.
miss sandra taylor
Aug 28, 2015
you were very helpful and helped with my order the product was the thing that i wanted and done what i wanted it to do would recommend you to anybody if they wanted the things you sold very happy with your service
Mrs. S J Ashman
Jul 2, 2015
We had been searching extensively for a product to help make a barrier between the ground and our new log cabin. This product is just the ticket. The service was excellent and delivery extremely fast. Many thanks for your professionalism.
Steve Robson
Jan 27, 2015
Exactly as expected. Good quality. Would recommend.
Dec 10, 2013
These profiled foundation beams are good because they "lift" the log cabin off the slab. So the height of the log cabin is raised slightly.

The profile slopes away from the log cabin.
Hazel Richards
Nov 26, 2013
Great quality and very robust ...did exactly what they were supposed to do !
Colin H
Sep 20, 2013
Appear to do what it says on the tin, although too early to say if they are effective in the long term.