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Like all of our products the Dutch quality shows through. The UK seems to be awash with cheap and cheaply made garden buildings. Playhouses is no exception.

Dutch quality means something a little better such as Spruce timber used throughout and heavy duty 16mm cladding as standard so the building last and can take all the punishment a little one can dish out.

All our playhouses are supplied with roofing felt as standard and are delivered ready for self-assembly.



Gandalf Log Cabin Playhouse 1.35 x 1.10m
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.0124

The Gandalf Log Cabin playhouse made from 19mm interlocking logs made from Spruce. This playhouse measures 1.35m x 1.10m.

Price: £379.19 , Save £70.91
Pippi Playhouse 1.0 x 1.4m
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.0100

The Pippi playhouse measuring 100cm x 140cm and made from pressure impregnated FSC Pine with 16mm thick cladding.

Price: £389.57 , Save £75.40
Snow White Playhouse 1.19 x 1.49m
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.0110

The Snow White Playhouse measures 1.49m x 1.49m and is made from untreated Spruce with 16mm thick cladding.

Price: £471.12 , Save £145.43
Pinoccio Playhouse 1.15 x 1.80m
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.0101

The Pinoccio playhouse made from 16mm untreated Spruce and measures 115cm x 180cm, the dimensions include the terrace.

Price: £479.24 , Save £102.16
Aladdin Playhouse 1.79 x 1.19m
(1 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.0106

The Aladdin playhouse measures 1.79 x 1.19m with a 0.60m front porch. Made from 16mm thick Spruce cladding and it is supplied untreated.

Price: £536.02 , Save £129.46
Peter Pan Playhouse 1.8 x 1.82m
(1 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.0104

The Peterpan playhouse standing on a stilt base, it measures 180 x 182cm and is made from 16mm untreated spruce.

Price: £715.06 , Save £168.10
Assepoester Playhouse 2.2 x 2.2m
(1 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.0102

The Cinderella Playhouse measures 2.20 x 2.20m and is two storey with access via a ladder inside. 16mm untreated Spruce.

Price: £831.60 , Save £193.98
Finland Log Cabin Playhouse 1.9 x 2.6m
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.0118

The Finland Log Cabin playhouse made from 19mm interlocking logs. This playhouse measures 1.90m x 2.60m including the terrace.

Price: £826.85 , Save £177.41
Lola Playhouse 2.2 x 1.8m
(1 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.0122

The Lola Playhouse features a second floor accessed via an internal ladder. This playhouse measures 2.20 x 1.80m with a front porch of 60cm. 16mm untreated spruce with a sectional construction.

Price: £945.94 , Save £251.56
Sleeping Beauty Playhouse 2.4 x 1.67m
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.0109

The Sleeping Beauty playhouse, two storey and measuring 2.4m x 1.67m. It is made from untreated Spruce with cladding of 16mm thick.

Price: £872.16 , Save £157.36
Alice Playhouse 2.39 x 1.79m
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.0107

Our Alice Playhouse with a second floor made from 16mm untreated Spruce. Measures 2.39 x 1.79m.

Price: £1,190.98 , Save £278.86
Mari Log Cabin Playhouse 2.35 x 3.10m
(2 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.0123

The Mari Log Cabin playhouse made from 28mm interlocking logs made from Spruce. This playhouse measures 2.35m x 3.10m including the terrace of 75cm.

Price: £1,245.48 , Save £287.16